The Third Level: From Tarquinia to Dublin

Rachele Faggiani is the first-ever recipient of the Dublin Postgraduate Scholarship, co-funded and developed by Dublin City Council and Education in Ireland. We sat down to chat about her time in Dublin. What’s your name & where are you from? Hi everyone! I’m Rachele, I’m from Italy. I come from a small town called Tarquinia, just outside Rome on the seaside. Can you tell us a little bit about the course you’re studying? I’m a postgrad student at Trinity College, and I’m studying for an MPhil in


The Dublin Postgraduate Scholarship

Dublin City Council is delighted to announce that an Italian student has won the Dublin Postgraduate Scholarship competition to live and study in Dublin for the academic year. Rachelle Faggiani beat competition from over 1,400 entrants to claim the prize and has chosen to study for an M.Phil. Literary Translation. She arrives in Dublin this month to begin her course at Trinity College Dublin. The Scholarship is an initiative by Education in Ireland and the Dublin City Council Place Brand Unit in partnership with nine Dublin universities and colleges. “I was delighted to meet Rachelle and welcome her to the city that will be her new home for the next academic year,�


Creating Dublin face masks

As the pandemic wore on into 2020, and the use of face masks became ubiquitous, the Dublin Place Brand team partnered with the National College of Art & Design (NCAD) to create a series of eye-catching designs. This project aimed not only to keep people safe, but also to celebrate what it means to be a Dubliner. We asked the students at NCAD to highlight Dublin’s creative, cosmopolitan and unique elements within their designs and instil them with a sense of place and belonging. Over 30 high-quality designs were presented, from which seven outstanding designs were chosen. We then worked with a small,


Bridging the Digital Skills Gap for young people

The Digital for Youth programme You may be tempted to believe that the next generation of our digitally native Gen-Z-bred workforce is already equipped with all the digital skills they’ll ever need. That’s not always the case, though. Despite their hunger to learn, a significant amount of young people lack access to digital training, devices and WiFi. For those with access, mastering social media promotion is still not enough. Our modern workplaces also require an understanding of project management, analysis and presentation skills. Luckily, the Digital For Youth Enactus programme, started by a group of UCD students, is working hard to address this digital skil


Dublin as a Learning City

Lifelong learning is crucial to the quality of an individual’s life. It boosts self-esteem, increases employability, helps individuals meet new people from a range of backgrounds and transcend social boundaries, all while enriching local communities. That’s why Dublin has joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) and formally became a Learning City in 2019. The initiative seeks to promote the various ways people can learn something new, both inside and outside the classroom, through traditional and non-traditional methods. It aims to ensure that education and lear

UCD Goes Global - With a huge urban campus and state-of-the-art facilities, University College Dublin welcomes hundreds of international students each year.


UCD Goes Global

UCD Global: Welcoming international staff and students With a huge urban campus, state-of-the-art facilities and the largest student body of any university in Ireland, UCD welcomes hundreds of new international students every year and contributes significantly to Dublin’s diversity. UCD prides itself on being Ireland’s global university. And it has international campuses and strong links to academic institutions in locations as far-flung as Beijing and M

Maynooth University.


Future ambitions for Maynooth University

We sat down with Professor Philip Nolan, president of Maynooth University, to discuss his plans for the university, which lies on the periphery of Dublin. His role focuses on creating a strategy and implementing this to grow and develop the university. Maynooth University is home to over 1,000 staff and 13,000 students, and more than 1,200 of these are international students hailing from over 60 countries. The university offers a wide range of excellent academic programmes which are delivered by leading researchers in various fields, and students are challenged and encouraged to reach their full potential in this top-class learning environment. C


The Third Level – From Munich to Dublin

Doing a Masters in Dublin: An international student’s experience Romina Dashghachian is from Germany, while her parents are from Iran, and she came to Ireland to study in Dublin. In 2019, she began her Masters Degree in Public Relations at DCU. During her stay, Romina shared her experience as an international student with Why Romina did her Masters in Dublin Romina reckons that Dublin and her hometown of Munich have a lot in common. “Munich has a community feel, so you never feel like you’re in a giant anonymous city,” she says. “And that’s why I like Dublin as well. When you’re here, you don’

two female pupils from st andrew's private school wear lab coats and goggles


Private Schools in Dublin

Choosing a school for your child is a big decision and one that weighs heavily on many parents and guardians. You may be wondering if fee-paying, private schools are the best option. Is it really worth paying for? What should you consider before making the call? And what sort of money can you expect to pay? Here’s’s guide to fee-paying schools, written by Peter McGuire who regularly reports on education in Ireland and compiles The Irish Times‘ annual feeder school list. How many private schools does Dublin have? There are 34 fee-paying, private schools in Dublin. The majority of them are concentrated around the south of th


CoderDojo’s Coolest Projects

What libraries might be to budding writers, CoderDojos are to the future whizz kids of tech: a place to share ideas and find inspiration with no exam pressure or set curriculum. CoderDojo was founded in 2011 by then eighteen-year-old Cork native, James Whelton, who received international attention when he spoke at a Web Summit about how he hacked his iPad Nano to turn it into a watch. Whelton was subsequently hounded by schoolmates wanting to know how they might learn to code. “I was never recognised as being high-achieving or academic at school. It was frustrating as I was really good at programming but getting my ass kicked by my pass maths teacher,” Whelton


Life on campus for the international student

Ireland might be a small country, but our universities and colleges are incredibly diverse. Every year, tens of thousands of students from over 130 countries come here to study.

This Land is Your Land, this Land is Ireland - Dublin was never on Anna Grimard’s trajectory. She tells us all about what Liffeyside life has to offer. Image: Anna Grimard.


This Land is Your Land, this Land is Ireland

Dublin was never on Anna Grimard’s trajectory. Now, an MSc in Marketing, a red-haired fiancé and a managerial role with an award-winning Irish travel company later, she tells us all about what Liffeyside life has to offer. Originally from Florida, it took a while – and a hint from Hollywood – before Anna ended up crossing the Atlantic. “I did my undergrad in advertising in Georgia, in the States, so I was in Atlanta for three years. When I left, I kinda moved around a bit… I ended up in Tennessee, working at a children’s non-profit museum, which was super fun – but I was so obsessed then with getting something in advertising.” At the time, jobs in her fiel