Dublin is most definitely a tech hub. And its reputation is well-deserved since efforts have been made to attract leading tech companies for decades.

Way back in November 1956, IBM was the first American tech company to set up an Irish subsidiary in Dublin. (It still has a large presence here today.) The following year, Swedish multinational Ericsson invested in facilities here too. Then, in the decades that followed, big names like Hewlett Packard, Dell, Microsoft and SAP followed suit.

Today, the industry employs over 37,000 people throughout Ireland and generates €35 billion in exports every year. Dublin city is home to the operations of dozens of household names, from Google and Amazon, through to Facebook and TikTok. Many other tech companies from the US and even further afield continue to follow suit.

What tech companies have invested in Ireland?

  • The top 5 global software companies
  • 9 of the top ten US technology companies
  • Top 3 global enterprise software companies
  • 4 of the top 5 IT services companies

(Source: IDA Ireland)

Why tech businesses choose Dublin?

Businesses of every type choose Dublin for its vibrant culture and business-friendly tax infrastructure. But for tech companies, there’s many more reasons to set up shop in the city.

For all these reasons and more, increasing numbers of tech companies are investing in Dublin. With its proven track record as a long-term destination for tech giants like IBM and Microsoft, it makes complete sense. That’s why tech is one of Dublin six key industry sectors.

Large companies in this sector

Dublin Technology Map

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