Life in Dublin is varied, energetic and comfortable. This compact city has everything you need, either right on your doorstep or just a short trip away. The people are friendly, the culture is rich and the history is fascinating.

For students, there’s a selection of world-class universities and a ton of top European locations. For families, there’s a range of supports and a strong school system. And for those looking to further their career, Dublin is also home to world-leading multinationals that are always looking to hire skilled professionals.

Five great reasons to live in Dublin

Dublin is a city that truly offers something for everyone. But there’s a few great reasons to live here that absolutely everyone can appreciate.

1. Dublin is diverse

Looking at Dublin’s demographics, it’s clear that nationalities from all over the world live here. In fact, around a fifth of the population hails from abroad. This means you should feel at home in the city wherever you’re from. And if you’re ever homesick, it shouldn’t be too hard to find food and friends from your own country to help ease the burden.

2. It is one of the friendliest cities in the world

Time and again, Dublin has been ranked among the friendliest cities in Europe and the world. So expect a warm welcome upon your arrival.

Dubliners are known for being chatty, quick-witted and tolerant. A recent EU survey discovered that Dublin is considered a great place to live for both immigrants and members of the LGBT community. Another report by the PEW Research Center also found that Ireland is among the most religiously tolerant countries in the world.

3. You’ll always find something to do

Dublin has a rich history and a vibrant culture that is very much present as you stroll the city streets. You’ll find picture-perfect Georgian townhouses, classical Edwardian facades and picturesque Victorian parks dotted throughout the county.

Dublin is also home to internationally renowned museums and galleries – many of which offer free access. And let’s not forget the city’s wonderful pubs, festivals and nightlife. You’ll never be short of things to do and places to see while living in Dublin.

4. Dublin is home to beautiful outdoor spaces

With beautiful mountains, coastlines, canals and rivers, Dublin offers endless enjoyment to anyone who loves the outdoors. The nearby mountains and sea offer a peaceful getaway from bustling city life. But there’s plenty of parks and gardens right in the city centre too. Among them is the Phoenix Park, which is one of the biggest urban parks in Europe.

5. The quality of life is extremely high

Ireland consistently ranks strongly in terms of quality of life. Most recently, the United Nations listed it second in its annual ranking of 189 countries – just after Norway. This is largely thanks to Ireland’s high levels of life expectancy, education and income. Despite the increasing cost of living in Dublin, it is still a great location to live.

These are just a few of the most enticing reasons to live in Dublin. For more information, check out everything you need to know about living in the city in the articles below.

Relocating to Dublin

Between 2019 and 2020, 85,400 people immigrated to Ireland – many of whom ended up in the capital city. While it’s worth noting that a third of those who made the move were Irish citizens, many other nationalities are making their homes here too. As with any international move, there’s a lot to consider before relocating to Dublin. Where will you live? Will you like your new home? Do you need a job before you arrive? How do you

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Getting settled

Making your home in a new city can be hard. It takes lots of planning to relocate, but that’s just the start. Once you arrive, you’ll need to find accommodation, set up bank accounts and find your nearest bus stop. Getting settled in Dublin takes time, but plenty of resources are available to help. Ask your employer or college Some employers, universities and colleges in Dublin have staff that will help you get settled. DCU and TU Dublin, for example, have inter

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Official procedures

Dublin is a welcoming place and there are tons of reasons to live here. Luckily, new arrivals from many countries won’t need an Irish visa to move here or an Irish driving licence to drive here. For those that do require them, following official procedures doesn’t have to be a headache. The process is actually pretty straightforward, but you’ll have to do some paperwork. However, if you do encounter any problems along the way, there are plenty of resources and organisations that can help. Many employers, universities and colleges in Dublin have staff who can assist with visa applications.

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The Irish are mad about sports and Dubliners are no different. Here’s an introduction to Dublin’s sport scene. Ireland’s leading sports According to the most recent findings of the Teneo Sport and Sponsorship Index, Ireland’s three favourite sports are: Gaelic games, soccer and rugby. Gaelic games, which include Gaelic football, hurling and camogie, are by far the most popular. For 24%, it’s their favourite sport. 14% chose soccer and 13% chose rugby. The poll suggests tennis, cycli

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How to move to Dublin in 10 steps

If you want to move to Dublin, you need to think about visas, jobs and housing. If you have a young family, schools are a big deal too. Once you arrive, you’ll need to get a social security number – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s lots of other practical to-dos to get through. If you decide to relocate to Dublin, here are ten essential steps you should undertake. 1. Figure out the entry requirements Firstly, you need to check if you need a visa to gain entry to Dublin. If so, you need to find out what type and assess whet

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Live Stories

Spotlighting cultural spaces, food & drink offerings, shopping & sporting experiences, our Live stories show you the best of Dublin.

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