You’re coming to study in Dublin. Great! There’s plenty of reasons why you should – one of them is the job opportunities Ireland offers its graduates.

First of all, it’s worth noting that Dublin universities like UCD and TCD performed extremely well in the most recent QS Graduate Employability Rankings. They both rank in the top 100 universities worldwide, while DCU is also among the top percentile. But if you plan to attend one of Dublin’s other educational institutions, that’s okay too. Because the city’s vibrant business environment offers plenty of opportunities to other graduates too.

Graduate jobs in Dublin

For Irish and international students alike, the city offers careers with some of the world’s largest and most innovative multinational companies. The likes of Pfizer, Google, Microsoft, Mastercard and the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms have all made a home for themselves in Dublin. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There are plenty of homegrown startups and corporations finding success abroad too. So, if you’re looking to kickstart your career by cutting your teeth at a company with international name recognition, Dublin is the place to be. Especially if you’re interested in the city’s key investment sectors, which include tech, finance, pharma and professional services.

So where can you find these opportunities? Well, gradireland is a great place to start. This is a career website dedicated solely to graduate opportunities. It often runs online and in-person career fairs too, so keep an eye on its events page.

Individual companies also advertise roles on their own websites. Below, you’ll find a list of some of the biggest graduate employers in Dublin, as well as links to their current job opportunities.

Job opportunities for international students

Citizens of the EU and the UK can take up employment in Ireland without the need for any kind of visa or permit. International students from other countries may also be eligible for a special student visa which will allow them to work in Ireland after graduating from an Irish university or college.

This Third Level Graduate programme provides access to job opportunities in Ireland for international students from the likes of India, Africa, South America and Asia. You can find out more about the eligibility requirements here.

Dublin’s most significant employers, by sector


Dublin’s burgeoning finance sector offers plenty of opportunities for the new graduate. Bank of Ireland, AIB and Citibank all offer exciting graduate programmes in banking. Zurich Insurance and Irish Life have a range of opportunities in insurance. PayPal and Elavon can help to induct you into the fast-moving world of fintech.


Google’s move to Dublin in 2003 sped up the city’s transformation into a global tech hub. While giants such as Google, Facebook, and Airbnb dominate the news, a rich ecosystem of tech startups have also sprung up in their wake.

Make sure you keep an eye on them too. Silicon Republic and Dublin Startup Jobs are good places to start.


All of the Big Four accounting firms – PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and EY – have a major presence in Dublin. They lead a host of firms that serve our thriving business community. Taken together, they offer plenty of opportunities for graduates to cut their teeth in the professional services sector.


Ireland is an English-speaking, EU country with strong links across the Atlantic and the rest of the world. This unique position means that Dublin’s businesses can work across many jurisdictions.

This presents rich opportunities for law firms, which can help them interpret contrasting commercial laws. A career in these practices promises a rich variety of professional opportunities.

Science and engineering

Scientists and engineers are in high-demand across a range of different industries in Dublin. Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, there’s a wealth of opportunity in this exciting sector.

Health and pharma

Dublin plays host to the European headquarters of some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical and healthcare firms. These include Pfizer and Regeneron – to name just a few. These global giants are joined by a host of home-grown firms, which bring Ireland’s medical breakthroughs to the world.

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