The Dublin Economic Monitor reports on emerging trends and performance within Dublin’s economy.

Every quarter, it publishes new data and showcases the most important information on its user-friendly dashboard. It features statistics on consumer sentiment, employment trends, passenger and freight information, property trends and other informative performance data. There’s useful insights into how much tourists and locals are spending in the city too.

Before you make any investments in Dublin, it is a must-read piece of material. Here’s the most recent Dublin Economic Monitor report for 2024. Or, if you’d like to check out the city’s performance over time, you can browse older reports too.

While significant information is available on Ireland’s national economy, the Monitor focuses solely on developments in Dublin city. Each quarterly report also features articles and interviews with local business owners and industry representatives.

Dublin MasterCard SpendingPulse – February 2024

Unique insights for consumer and tourism spending in the capital.

If you plan to invest in Dublin, or already have a business set up, it’s well worth signing up to receive new reports straight to your inbox.

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Investment opportunities

Two very popular areas of investment in the city are startups and real estate. If you’re looking for investment opportunities in Dublin, this is probably the best place to start. If you’re still unsure if investing in Ireland is right for you, check out our informative facts and figures about investments in Dublin. Dublin’s startups Whatever your interests, budget and appetite for risk are, Dublin’s capital ecosystem has an investment opportunity to match what you’re looking for. The city’s startups cover a wide range of industries, but they all have one thing in common. TheyR

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Smart Dublin

Cities are buzzing with data. Traffic ebbs and flows, card readers ping and security cameras monitor footpaths. Every one of us is shedding reams of GPS signals, tweets and likes too. Most of this data is simply shelved on distant servers and forgotten. But properly aggregated and anonymised, this kind of data can help city authorities develop policies that create greener, safer and more enjoyable places to live. That’s exactly what Smart Dublin is designed to do.


Why invest in Dublin?

Exceptionally well-educated workers, four of Forbes's top Most Innovative Companies and all the vibrancy of a European capital city: Dublin is where you want to be.