This section outlines what is, photo and image credits and ways to contact the team.

What is was designed to celebrate the very essence of Dublin; the people, places and things that make Dublin truly unique as a place to live, work and learn in. It’s all about building a vivid picture of a progressive, diverse and multicultural modern European city and region teeming with character, and characters. Made by the city, for the city. Here, you’ll witness Dublin from the ground up, from mountains to sea, with a particular focus upon its most valuable asset – its citizens.

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Photo & Image Credits

We would like to thank the following organisations for the use of their images. Please note that all images are subject to copyright and that all rights on the images listed below are with the original copyright holders. It is the responsibility of the user to contact any external copyright holders for permission to use any of these images in any context. Fáilte Ireland Tourism Ireland Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

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How can I contact you?

Email is our preferred contact method. We’ve two addresses, general enquiries and such go to info[at] and events submissions go to whatson[at]

Will you feature my event though?

In a word: possibly. As you can imagine, it’s really difficult and time consuming to do events listings for Dublin. There’s a huge variety of things happening each week. We’ve adopted a three tier approach:

1). We have a spreadsheet of larger events & festivals that we feature each and every year (think Pride, Fringe Festival, The Liffey Swim etc)
2). We look at a variety of venues across the county that have events that fit in with what we think our users will like (ie. Croke Park, Convention Centre, The Abbey Theatre etc)
3). Events that come into us via email and social media

Consequently, we have a limited number of slots for events that come in via email and social. We can’t guarantee that we’ll feature your event, but we will consider it for inclusion. You can make things easy for us by including some high res imagery/photography, a <300 word description and links to ticket sales, website, venue etc. It's as fair as system as we've been able to work up for the moment, so we hope you understand.

What’s your postal address? unit,
Block 3 – Floor 1,
Civic Offices,
Wood Quay,
Dublin 8.

Who’s responsible for the site?

Dublin City Council owns and operates the site with a small team located in Civic Offices. Dublin Chamber of Commerce and RTÉ Digital assisted the development of the site.

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