Give your startup a headstart

Dublin is acknowledged as being home to some of the best accelerator and incubator programmes in Europe. These enable entrepreneurs to meet with like-minded innovators and build their business in an environment that’s all about growth.

Startup incubators and accelerators are a key part of the city’s startup ecosystem. They provide the structure, skills, investment and support entrepreneurs need to prove, launch and scale-up their businesses.

Many of these programmes consist of coworking spaces, industry-specific mentoring, networking opportunities, technical services, finance and connections with potential investors.

Dublin’s leading accelerators and incubators

Dublin’s universities run many of the city’s cutting-edge incubators. But multinational companies that have a longstanding presence in Dublin have been investing in them too. Google, Citigroup and Diageo are some examples. Although Dublin City Council and Local Enterprise Offices often play a role in supporting them too.

Incubators are typically catered toward supporting startups that want to get their company up and running. Accelerator programmes, on the other hand, are ideal for developing businesses that have their eyes set on fast global growth. It’s also worth noting that many of Dublin’s programmes specialise in the technology and finance sectors.

Investing in Dublin provides your startup with the best chance of success. Once established, your business can also benefit from the city’s highly skilled workforce, global connectivity and quality office space.

Incubation centres at Dublin's universities and colleges
Other accelerators and incubators

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