What sets this city apart?

There are tons of reasons to invest in Dublin, but its supportive and business-friendly environment is truly unique. The city has a thriving, vibrant and diverse business ecosystem which always has room for those with entrepreneurial spirit.

Dublin is just 115km², but it has a huge amount to offer in such a compact space. Its small size and welcoming, supportive attitude actually set it apart from other cities. Whether you are a global company or a startup, a company of 10 or 10,000, you’ll fit right in.

In Dublin, SMEs and giants operate side-by-side. Tech companies and fledgling startups are neighbours. And government buildings sit opposite creative agencies. The city’s close-knit business community offers endless networking opportunities. Generally, Dublin’s experienced companies are glad to give guidance to those looking to scale-up too.

You’ll find that state agencies have a low level of bureaucracy, as well as transparent and consistent policies. They’ll help you to gain access to decision makers, as well as funding and finance.

Business supports

The Irish government has set up many policies and organisations to help support and grow Dublin’s business ecosystem. Here are the key ones you should know about. (If you run a startup, our article on Dublin’s startup ecosystem has more relevant info.)


As Ireland’s inward investment promotion agency, the IDA partners with multinationals help them with their relocation to Dublin. It provides both well-established and emerging companies with funding and other incentives to set up operations here.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is a government body that promotes the development of Irish enterprises globally. It partners with countless businesses to help them reach a wider audience. Its Employment and Investment Incentive programme provides tax relief for those who invest in certain startups.

Enterprise Ireland is also responsible for attracting and supporting high-potential international startups – many of which are based in Dublin. These startups are chosen based on their sustainability and scalability.

Tax incentives

Ireland has a favourable tax regime that specifically aims to attract investment to the city – as well as the rest of the country. It has the third-lowest corporation tax in the EU and, in order to drive innovation, it also offers generous tax reliefs on R&D investment.

Industry and business networks

Dublin is well-served with plenty of networks and professional communities. To connect with like-minded Dubliners, join one of these groups or approach the business organisations within your sector.

Business groups
Technology groups
Creative and skill-focused groups
Industry organisations
Architecture, engineering and construction
Business and finance
Film and photography
Food and Beverage
Science and environment
Export networks

Collaboration with research centres

Dublin’s Research, Development and Innovation sector is driven by a high level of collaboration between industry, academia, state agencies and regulatory authorities.

This provides companies with an excellent commercial, political and social environment in which to carry out these activities. Global leaders in high-tech industries have collaborated with Dublin-based research centres in many areas, including pharma, bio-technology, medical devices, ICT and financial services. (Here, you’ll find a list of the city’s most innovative centres).

Along with generous tax reliefs in research investment, this is why global leaders are undertaking R&D projects here. In fact, half of the top ten entries on Forbes’ list of innovative companies have offices in Dublin.

In 2019, over €4 billion was spent on R&D in Ireland. This isn’t likely to change any time soon. As the government significantly increases investment in the sector, companies will continue to take advantage of Dublin’s business-friendly environment to develop products and expand quickly.

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