Organising flights, wrapping things up at home, saying goodbye to friends and family. It’s a big ask to move for work. Thankfully, moving to Dublin is relatively straightforward. This brief guide looks at immigration requirements, assessing your new salary and opening a bank account, registering for tax and social security, and transferring your qualifications.

Foreign qualification recognition

Why foreign qualification recognition in Ireland is important Whether you’re working in Dublin or studying in Dublin, you’ll probably need to showcase your qualifications at some point. You may need to prove you’re eligible for a college course or even capable of doing a particular job. But foreign qualifications aren’t always immediately familiar to Irish employers and educational institutions. Dealing with paperwork, CVs, cover letters and application forms is bad enough. So don’t let incompatible qualifi

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Employment law in Ireland

You’ve moved to Ireland, settled into your new home and found a job working in Dublin. But how can you be sure that you’re being treated fairly? Are you doing a normal working week? What are your holiday entitlements? Well, fortunately, Ireland’s employment law is transparent and applicable to all workplaces. Here’s some basic information, as well as a few resources, that will help you understand your employee rights. The Workplace Relations Commission In Ireland, the Workplace Relations Commission is the

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Redundancy and unemployment benefits

You’ve moved all the way to Ireland to work. You’ve set yourself up, put the kids into school and made a host of financial commitments. There’s electricity bills, phone contracts and rental agreements. Then you lose your job. What do you do? Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the road. Even if you aren’t an Irish citizen, you have entitlements that can help you stay on your feet while you look for a new job. Here’s what you should know about redundancy rights and unemployment benefits in Ireland. Staying in Ireland EEA and Swiss Nationals If you ar

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