Bull Island & the Dublin Bay Biosphere

Most people who visit Bull Island from week to week probably don’t realise that it’s part of one of the biggest biospheres in Europe. So, what’s a biosphere? Quite simply, a biosphere is an environment where people, nature and culture  connect and co-exist. Imagine the biosphere as the perfect cup of tea, with people as the water, nature as the tea-leaves, and culture as the milk. The tea-leaves are rich and unique, but need the water to be hot so they can release the flavour, while the milk is added to make it more drinkable. In the same way, nature and culture within the biosphere can add value to people, but only where it is protected and sustainably managed. The

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Switch on culture-Culture Night returns on September 22nd

Culture Night, Ireland’s annual nocturnal cultural extravaganza, returns to venues nationwide on Friday September 22nd. Showcasing the vibrant arts and creative scene of towns, villages, islands and cities across the country, thousands of participants are gearing up for an evening of culture, creativity and celebration as they prepare for the Culture Night festivities. Culture Night organisers are hoping to build on last year’s phenomenal turn-out of over 400,000 nationwide: museums, galleries, cathedrals, studios, libraries, parks, government buildings, theatres and other venues across the country will throw open their doors late into the night for free visits, tours, workshops, readings and performances.


Dublin Live Art Festival

The Complex

Following our focus on diversity in last years DLAF, in 2017 Dublin Live Art Festival will focus on ideas of unity and the commonalities we share through our exciting programme – Come Together. DLAF17 will invite artists who are connected through subject, vision and context along with artists whose practice crosses over into mainstream media, entertainment and culture presenting exciting and stimulating visual, sonic and embodied performance experiences to a new Dublin audience. In Dublin Live Art Festival 2017 we will continue to bring artists whose work had never been shown in Ireland a

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Elva Carri, Girl Crew

Born out of a Facebook group set up to organise a night out, Elva Carri’s social platform GirlCrew is now much more than that. The company, which was set up by Carri and co-founders Pamela Newenham and Aine Mulloy, helps women all over the world find new friends and has clocked up more than 100,000 members. GirlCrew is about to start its next chapter, with its founders driving a push in the US to garner more members. A dedicated app for the service will also be released later this year. For the latest installment of Fora’s question-and-answer series unearthing lesser-known facts about notable people in Irish business, Carri reflected on life before GirlCrew, the big problems she has faced and the one person she would love to hire.


What's On

Opera in the Open

Amphitheatre, Wood Quay

Opera in the Open is an initiative of Dublin City Council that presents live performances of operatic work in the open air in Dublin City Centre This much loved annual opera season takes place every Thursday during the month of August at the Dublin City Council Civic Office Amphitheatre, Wood Quay, Dublin 8. August 24th Gianni Schicchi (Giacomo Puccini) As Buoso Donati lies dead in his curtained four-poster bed, his relatives gather round to mourn his passing, but are really more interested in learning the contents of his will. They find that he has left all his money to a Monastery.

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Axis Theatre

A surreal, black comedy of love, longing and one woman's intense rivalry with a Charolais heifer. Set on a farm in rural Ireland, Siobhan is forced to share the affections of her farmer boyfriend with the other women in his life - a sneering mother-in-law figure, and a sexy French cow. This is a muddy place of simmering desire, mixing the challenges of farming life and the joy of sex. Developed as part of Show In A Bag, an artist development initiative of Dublin Fringe Festival, Fishamble: The New Play Company and Irish Theatre Institute to resource theatre makers and actors.

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Civic Theatre

Join Aois Nua as we portray a round of independent pieces this coming September. Foreplay(s) is a collection of four different original pieces written by four of our own writers that combine comedy and drama to reveal our perspectives on life, love and human relationships. These pieces will make you laugh and cry through relatable circumstances along with quirky scenarios. Our show is comprised of four carefully chosen pieces which include three short plays and one long play that explore friendships, relationships and even the hatred in between. This show is bound to be an evening of fun and e

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The Golden Age of Big Band Vegas


A Larger than life show, a Larger than life Band and a Larger than life era. Las Vegas due to its very nature has been a melting pot for musicians and acts from the early 1940’s to the present day. Legendary acts such as The Rat Pack, Louis Prima, Elvis Presley, Liberace and much more have all been a huge part of the city's history. The Ultimate Big Band Show are bringing that history back to life with this explosive new show. From the lonely corner Jazz club to the heyday of the legendary Sands Hotel Ballroom to today’s MGM Grand Arena, this scene was and is one of the most exciting m

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Dublin Fringe Festival

Various Locations

Fringe is a curated, multi-disciplinary festival and year-round organisation focusing on fresh and innovative approaches to the arts from Irish and international makers. The festival is where artists challenge, subvert and invigorate their disciplines and practice. An active curator, Fringe supports artistic vision, ambition and excellence across a range of art forms and offers supports, resources, space, time and professional development to the Irish independent arts sector. Followed by fans and first timers alike, Dublin Fringe Festival draws more than 30,000 spectators for 16 days and

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Our Articles

The National Library

It’s still early in the morning when I walk up the steps to the National Library. Standing on the porch, through the fence I can see the TDs totter up the path next-door, folders underarm, heading into the Government Buildings. This Kildare Street building has housed Dublin’s main public reference library since 1890, and in Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, he describes students gathering here to smoke and chat. Inside, it is quieter than even a library should be although there are a few eager types waiting in the lobby. A cleaner polishes around the bronze bust of Senator Mi

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Sprouting up

There are literally hundreds of young entrepreneurs launching their start-ups in Dublin, hoping to climb the precarious ladder in the tech, food and pharma sectors. Many of these companies will go on to achieve greatness; some will be quietly successful, others will become well-known names across the globe. Others, sadly, will perish under the immense pressure of starting and running a company from scratch. Dublin.ie caught up with Jack Kirwan (pictured above right), founder and co-owner of Sprout & Co. restaurants, which are, well, sprouting up all over the city, to find out what it takes to get from that init

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Dublin Outdoors – City Kayaking

Most seasoned Dubliners, probably feel like they’ve seen all the city has to offer; every lush park; historic Georgian row; every cobbled street, arching bridge and Victorian pub. The familiar can be taken for granted though. So what if we told you about a new way of seeing the city? We’re not talking about a rickshaw or a longboard. Instead we’re talking about kayaking… on the Liffey. City Kayaking are based on the jetty by the Jeanie Johnston tall ship on North Wall

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The James Joyce Centre

Have we had enough of Joyce? Never! All is quiet on a sunny morning on Dublin’s North Great George’s Street when I make my way to Number 35. The Georgian building has housed the James Joyce Centre since 1996 when the building was valiantly saved from demolition through the efforts of Senator David Norris, also a resident of the street. The house was once the location of a dance academy run by Professor Denis J Maginni, a colourful Dublin character who appears often in Ulysses, described as wearing a “silk hat, slate frockcoat with silk facings, white kerchief tie, tight lavender trousers, canary g

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From a Lithuanian lab to a Dublin cafe

If you went to school in Ireland in the late twentieth century you’d have been taught a lot about our nation’s struggle against imperial oppression. But other nations still in the clutches of various empires got short shrift from our school books. Latvia? Estonia? Lithuania? If we even knew they existed, we didn’t trouble to separate them in our minds from Russia. Sure weren’t they all just the Soviet Union – where girls fell in love with their tractors and unlucky dogs got sent into space? Indra Variakojiene didn’t have a tractor. In fact before she came to Ireland she worked as a chemical analyst – in a laboratory attached to a flour mill in Lithuan

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A Dublin Time Lapse At Night

Time lapse of Dublin city and surrounding areas at night time. From dusk until dawn.