A City of Words: Dublin Comedy Improv

You walk up the side stairs of the International Bar. On Wicklow Street. You stroll into a dark room. You pay a fiver. You instantly hear laughter. You’ve just made the smart move to go the Dublin Comedy Improv. Going since 1992, DCI is a true institution, a little gem in the city. Kicking off at 9pm, it’s been up there adding big grins to grim Mondays for 25 years. I’ve seen a lot of lesser acts labelled ‘cult’ over the years. But this crew earn the accolade. Looking at these dudes

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The Toy Show Through The Years (RTÉ Archives)

And so it begins....Watch Gay Byrne, Pat Kenny and Ryan Tubridy make their entrances. There are toys that do all kinds of amazing things, a toy that collapses when it’s touched and a bit of cheek from Zig and Zag and Dustin. ‘The Late Late Toy Show’ began in the early 1970s as a half-hour slot at the end of ‘The Late Late Show’, designed to give parents an idea of what toys were in the shops for Christmas while their children were supposed to be asleep in bed. It soon became a one-night show in its own right, complete with children toy-testers and performers. ‘The Late Late Show’ was first presented by Gay Byrne. Pat Kenny replaced Gay Byrne as presenter in 1999 and remained in that position for 10 years. The current presenter is Ryan Tubridy, who took over in 2009. Here are just some of the famous stages that have appeared on the show over the years.


Robots and revelations: Science Gallery launches 2017 programme

Next year’s exhibitions will look at artificial intelligence, and explore different ways our society could collapse. Robot helpers, impossible sounds and the the apocalypse are part of next year’s exhibitions at Science Gallery Dublin. In a speech launching the programme, the vice provost of Trinity College Dublin Prof Chris Morash made reference to the “astonishing things” that are happening in science labs in Dublin such as “researchers 3D printing bones and looking at materials that are so radically unstable you can’t make them flat. We live in the age of the casual miracle, at a time when things that would have been miraculous 20, 30, 40 years ago are mentioned in conversation passing in the corridor. What Science Gallery does is return the miraculous to us.”


The Bernard Shaw Christmas Flea Market

The Bernard Shaw

The Bernard Shaw kicks off their Christmas Markets with a full weekend of festive activities and shopping this Saturday and Sunday December 3rd and 4th.The Bernard Shaw Flea Market takes place every Saturday in the covered outdoor garden, but took a break in November to allow for works to the brand new foodie market Eatyard. The market will run across the full weekend this week with a variety of stalls ranging from craft, vinyl, Irish designers, urban street-wear collectives, ethical clothing makers, high end vintage clothes, bric-a-brac and more.There'll also be the usual great brunch

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Dublin Flea Christmas Market

The Dublin Flea Christmas Market is heading into its seventh year and its second in The Point Village. From Friday December 9th to Sunday December 11th the shopping centre will be transformed into a winter wonderland filled with over 100 stalls selling the flea market’s usual retro and vintage wares alongside Irish craft and design. For the first time, this year the Dublin Flea Christmas Market is supported by Dublin City Council and Dublin.ie. We sat down with half of the four-person team behind Dublin Flea, Sharon Greene and Dave Dunn to find out what makes the Christmas Flea Market so special.

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Collector- So Fine Art Editions

So Fine Art Editions

COLLECTOR is the first major exhibition of street and contemporary art in Ireland.It is a unique collaboration between SO Fine Art Editions and Shaun Davin, and features world famous giants such as Banksy, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, Dan Baldwin, Cyrcle., KAWS, Chloe Early, and Conor Harrington.These names will hang alongside the most progressive contemporary artists in Ireland and the UK; Canvaz, James Earley, Tom French, Carne Griffiths, Sam LeBas, Schoony, and Dave White. Jameson Irish whiskey continue their support of the arts by sponsoring this event, which opens Friday 25th Novem

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What's On

A Winter Glow

Smithfield Square

Glow is a free family event based around seasonal themes of winter and light, with a warm and intimate programme of family performances, comedy, music and workshops in Smithfield Square.Glow is programmed by Grasshopper Events for Dublin City Council, and 2016 will mark the third year that the event has taken place.  Activities will take place between 2pm and 5pm on Saturday the 3rd of December in Smithfield Square, with locations on and around the Square hosting indoor and outdoor activities.Glow TentA beautifully lit long barn tent on Smithfield Plaza will host an eclectic mix o

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John Scott presents: Precious Metal & Night Wandering

Project Arts Centre

John Scott’s Irish Modern Dance Theatre (IMDT) returns to the Irish stage this winter with two magnificent shows, marking two significant celebrations. Performing at the company’s spiritual performance home at Project Arts Centre, Dublin and celebrating 25 years of IMDT with a Dance Double Bill featuring the world premiere of Precious Metal and one of Merce Cunningham’s masterpieces and Irish Premiere, Night Wandering. Both shows perform as part of Project 50, a season of work celebrating 50 years of Project Arts Centre.Hot on the heels of the huge success of John Scott’s & Val

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Smock Alley Theatre

Fregoli are delighted to present Tape by Stephen Belber, a play performed by the company in their early days at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2008 where it received a 5 star review. Tape centres on three former school friends who are reunited through strange circumstance in a motel room. The action occurs over one night and differing perceptions of past events are called into question. Tape tackles questions of motive, memory, truth and perception and this production will be characteristic of Fregoli’s energetic and captivating style."…TAPE is terrific…Belber has expert fun tort

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BIG The Musical

Bord Gáis Energy Theatre

BIG THE MUSICAL, the heart-warming and hilarious Broadway show based on the classic movie starring Tom Hanks, comes to Bord Gáis Energy Theatre for the its European premiere season.This spectacular production tells the story of Josh Baskin, a twelve year old boy who hates being little, until one night at the carnival the mysterious Zoltar machine grants his wish to be big. Trapped in an adult’s body and alone in New York, he innocently tries to find his way around a grown-up world where it’s all work and no play. But while everyone around him tries to act their age, Josh just can't he

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Excavations by Hughie O’Donoghue

Oliver Sears Gallery

Oliver Sears Gallery is pleased to announce the third exhibition at the gallery of new work by Hughie O’Donoghue.Entitled Excavations, alchemy, transformation and fire are at the heart of this new group of works inspired and located on the western seaboard of Ireland.O’Donoghue has reinvented images of the Plassy (shipwrecked off the shores of Inis Oírr for over twenty years) assigning the ship numerous guises and identities. In these new paintings, the Plassy is reincarnated in the form of The Demeter, referencing Bram Stoker’s Dracula, but more particularly Murnau’s masterpi

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Capturing Pablo

Vicar Street

Outset Agency have announced an evening with DEA Agents Javier Pena & Steve Murphy, in Vicar Street on Tuesday 13th & Wednesday 14th December. The actions of Pena and Murphy were the inspiration for the hugely popular Netflix crime series “Narcos”, which tells the story of Colombia’s infamous drug cartels and Pablo Escobar’s fight to maintain his position as the most powerful player. Agents Pena and Murphy will be joined on stage with Mike Sheridan, of entertainment.ie, and will speak about the rise and fall of the Medellin Cartel and the role the Agents played in bringing dow

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Our Articles

Sounds of Dublin: St. Patrick’s Cathedral Bells

“I mean if you could bottle it...”. Derek McEndoo is talking about the sound of his favourite church bells. Dublin.ie caught up with him to discuss all things bell ringing and, in particular, we wanted to find out about the bells at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the National Cathedral of Ireland. He just happens to be the Ringing Master at St. Pat’s. Yes, Ringing Master. We’re talking to the right man and he’s been ringing for over fifty years. Derek is very quick to point out that he was a young starter.

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Dublin Treasures – The Kiosk

Sitting on a small traffic island, amidst that delta of tarmac where Adelaide Road and Leeson Street meet, is a quirky little red-brick kiosk. It’s special place of sanctuary, removed from the lines of traffic and the hustle and bustle of rush hour. The building dates back to 1928. It was designed by architect Michael Moynihan to house a water pressure station, public lavatories (ladies-only!), telephone booth and shop. Now, it’s a small café – and, yes, the coffee is excellent. Ned McCarthy is the current owner and the kiosk has been in the McCarthy family since 1954. It’s not like anything else in Dublin. It’s full of charm and its red-and-white-striped awning makes it look like something out of an old French movie. It’s the detailing that does it. The building itself has some really nice chevron-patterned brickwork and a beautiful city of Dublin coat-of-arms. ‘Let’s be proud of our waterworks, Dubliners!’, it seems to say. The hanging baskets add to the welcoming, family feel and the people behind the counter make this place even more special. The welcome here is as genuine as you’d get anywhere in the city so it’s definitely worth stopping for a morning coffee. Even if it’s just to put you in good humour for the day.

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Dublin Canvas

A series of colourful traffic signal boxes has added art to the streets of Dublin city as part of the Dublin Canvas project. It’s probably the first time most of us have even noticed these boxes; their old dull appearance was nothing to admire. Now works of art, they showcase the artistic talents of people across Dublin. Dublin Canvas is a community street art project, its main goal to make the city more beautiful, and it has definitely achieved it. David Murtagh, the project coordinator has given us some background on the project. Dublin.ie: When did the project start? David: The project started in 2013.

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Silver Surfers Get Started

Let's be honest; the internet can be mildly intimidating (if not positively terrifying) at the best of times. What to do, then, if you're of a generation unacquainted with the World Wide Web? Recent statistics suggest that just over 50% of people aged over 60 in Ireland have never used the internet. The problem, ultimately, is that seniors can feel a type of 'digital isolation'. The solution may lie in good old-fashioned human interaction: people together, in a room, exchanging knowledge. Call it a digital dig out.

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Meet A Dubliner – Hassan Lemtouni, Café Owner

I was born and raised in Morocco, and lived for 30 years in America before coming to Dublin. My wife is a Dubliner, and we have 2 beautiful little girls, and we decided that we wanted them to grow up here. I was lucky enough to step into this beautiful building, The Chocolate Factory on Kings Inn Street, and that opened up a whole new avenue for me, professionally. One of my business partners was looking for a place to put on a gig, and met Val, who runs the building; we started talking about food, and what we’d like to do, and decided to go for it. It took us about a year and a half, but we opened

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Above the Dublin Spire at Sunrise