Science in the City

A couple of weeks ago, astronomers at the Alma telescope in Chile discovered a supermassive black hole near the centre of the Milky Way. It is said to be one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun and roughly 1.4 trillion kilometres in length. When we read a science story, it is almost always sensational news. However, a lot of science stories go under the radar of the ordinary non-scientist, primarily because we simply don’t understand it; it’s too complex unless it’s a news story on a topical subject that we can relate to, like space or cancer research. A number of outreach programmes set up by the

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Dublin Fringe: your last chance for the best shows

It’s the closing weekend of the festival: here are the best productions you can still catch: Raven Eyed - The winds are howling inside an anonymous, dank warehouse space where we have been led from the shimmering glasshouses of the docklands. There are sounds of dripping water, of metal suddenly crashing on metal, as in a gothic ghost story. Anything can happen in Loosysmokes terrific new creation. Blotches on the brick wall become slithery figures writhing on chairs suspended from the roof, crawling up and down the walls like feathery lacy spiders. This small aerial /circus/art collective have created another unique theatrical half world, mesmerising and atmospheric, allusive and seductive. Twisting ropes sway into the half light, a trapeze is suddenly alive with two figures who tumble, arch and precariously dangle. These balletic shadowy feats create one of the many thrilling and scary visuals. A sinister puppeteer appears, entangling the hair of his two Coppelia-like marionettes in strands of rope. A whiff of hairspray and a snatch of the shipping forecast bring momentary shots of reality. But you swiftly want to return to that other upside-down world: to the acrobatic figure swooping from the chandeliers , the guttering candles, the eerie mystery of it all. Miss it at your peril.


Culture Night

Switch on Culture Night with venues and public spaces across Dublin as they open their doors to host a programme of free late-night entertainment, as part of an all-island celebration of arts, heritage and culture. Now in its thirteenth year, Culture Night Dublin returns in 2017 with its biggest programme to date. Over 270 venues are participating, with upwards of 600 events for locals and visitors to enjoy. Culture Night has grown from a relatively small scale cultural event staged only in Dublin in 2006 to the significant national cultural event it now is. The initiative has captured both the public imagination and the enthusiasm of artists and cultural organisations.

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Number of daily Dublin cyclists doubles to more than 95,000

The number of cyclists in Dublin city has more than doubled in the past six years, with more than 95,000 people using their bikes in the capital every day. The number of users of Dublinbike has also soared in recent years, with 16,285 people availing daily of the city bike service, up from 4,474 in 2010. The latest cycling figures from Dublin City Council reveal that cycling is becoming increasingly popular in the capital, with the number of bike users rising by more than 17 per cent between 2015 and 2016. An average of 89,092 cyclists were recorded using their bikes around the city centre last year compared to just 40,030 bike users in 2011. The total number of cyclists in Dublin hit 95,166 for 2016 when the Rosie Hackett Bridge was included in the data. The Samuel Beckett Bridge was added to the count following its construction in 2011 and the Rosie Hackett Bridge was added in 2015. Numbers have been steadily rising over the past six years, with 61,285 cyclists counted in 2013 and 77,345 counted in 2015. The busiest spots in the city for cyclists include Burgh Quay, D’Olier Street, Aston Quay, Dame Street, George’s Street, Eden Quay and O’Connell Street. Some 6,319 cyclists passed through Dame Street and George’s street daily in 2016, while 7,353 people cycled down O’Connell Street and Eden Quay.


What's On

From All Sides

Axis Theatre

Two couples. Two stories. One ending. A journey through the savagery and beauty of modern relationships from one of Dublin’s most exciting new writing companies. Putting the audience in the driver’s seat, playwright Lee Coffey investigates the influence that gender can have on our perception and judgement. You’ll meet two pairings dealing with abuse, adultery and love in equal measure. How will they deal with what’s tearing their lives apart? You decide how the action ends. A vicious, explosive and interactive drama, that asks some tough questions about men, women, and the sides that w

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The Spinning Heart

The Gaiety Theatre

Directed and adapted for stage by Paul Brennan The Spinning Heart by Donal Ryan 2011 speaks for contemporary Ireland like no other novel. It captures the language and spirit of rural Ireland and with uncanny perception articulates the words and thoughts of a generation. Everyone loves Bobby Mahon. Everyone that is, except his Da. Revered by his men on the building site, captain of the team that almost won the county final, loved by his wife, Triona, only Bobby himself knows the dark thoughts that prey on his mind, presaging tragic events to come. One by one the colourful characters’

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How to be Angry

Smock Alley Theatre

You’re vexed, you’re scared, you want change. But no matter how zen you try to be, sometimes you just need to ROAR!!! Screaming and shouting is frowned upon but swallowing down that raging fire might make you sick! Witness the Brazen Ensemble tackling that most feared emotion with their trademark, twisted humour. An absurd, physical comedy exploring the battle between our animal instincts and rational minds. They’re done with the passive-aggressive bullshit, toxic keyboardtrolls and wannabe-warriors jumping on the bandwagon of outrage. So cut the crap, be brazen, get angry and join a

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Various Locations

Following on from a hugely successful festival in 2016 we are delighted to announce the return of CANALAPHONIC from the 22nd - 24th September. Things will kick off gently on Friday 22nd with some Culture Night activities, followed by a full day of water activities on the canal alongside Urban Markets's Canal Bank Market Fair, we'll be putting a lot more effort into our kids zone in St. Mary's College and to that end we're delighted to have Recreate Ireland involved there along with loads more, we'll also have a small stage at Swan Leisure and some cool fun activities inside too, literary ev

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Culture Night

Various Locations

Culture Night is an annual all-island public event that celebrates culture, creativity and the arts. This year, it will take place on Friday 22nd September 2017. On Culture Night, arts and cultural organisations and venues of all shapes and sizes, including the National Cultural Institutions, extend their opening hours to allow for increased access to the public. Special and unique events and workshops are specifically programmed at participating locations and everything is available free of charge. Culture Night is a free, country-wide event, on Sep 22 2017, that promotes culture and the e

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Civic Theatre

by Iseult Golden and David Horan ‘Donna always shits a brick – I mean, she gets all nervous – comin’ in here. It’s like she reverts.’ Brian and Donna’s son is 9 years old and he's struggling. That’s what his teacher says. Says he should see a psychologist. But Brian and Donna - recently separated - never liked school, never liked teachers. So are they going to trust this one? And should they? A parent-teacher meeting goes very, very wrong in CLASS – a new play about learning difficulties: in school, in life, wherever. Produced by freelance theatre artists and screenwriting du

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  • DubFireBrigade Dublin Fire Brigade

    We're still supporting the Dubs! Special shoutout to Airport Fire Fighter @LyndseyDavey #COYGIB @dublinladiesg @DubGAAOfficial

  • 98FM 98FM

    The #Smithwicks #SoundtrackSeries will see music acts perform iconic movie soundtracks around the county #UNCOVERNOW

  • homeofguinness GUINNESS STOREHOUSE

    A beer steeped in history! Always drink Guinness responsibly. Visit

  • LynkIreland Lynk

    With one All-Ireland already in the bag for Dublin GAA, can @dublinladiesg add another this Sunday? We hope so, best of luck!! #COYGIB

  • HistFest Festival of History

    Only week left to start of #histfest2017! We are busy, busy getting everything ready & we have new history day for children in @RichBarracks

  • DubCityCouncil Dublin City Council

    Dublin City Council Pitch Playability for Weekend 23/24 September 2017

Our Articles

The Lilliput Press

On a quiet corner in Stoneybatter, behind a quaint but unassuming shopfront lies renowned Dublin publishing house, Lilliput Press. The door is wide open when I arrive, and the sunshine falls in on a room lined with bookshelves. Two men sit on a sofa by the window, leaning over a coffee table covered in books. The door of founder Antony Farrell’s office sits ajar, and inside there is the busyness of a thoroughly active office; heaped manuscripts, teetering book stacks, handwritten letters taped to the wall. After he ensures I have a coffee and a bit of fruit to snack on, I sit on a chair in amongst the chaos of the heaving room. Antony sits behind his desk, peeling a mand

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Dublin’s most unusual student clubs & socs

Anyone for capoeira? Fancy an evening of food and drink? Or how about spending time with some serious Harry Potter fans? Universities and colleges in Dublin have a strange and eclectic mix of student clubs and societies. Yes, there’s soccer and GAA, but what about caving & potholing or sepak takraw, a type of kick volleyball? Yes, drama and debating are to be expected, but did you know that you can also join student societies with a focus on comedy, animation or meditation? Sam Blanckensee graduated from UCD last year. In his final year, he founded the

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Dublin Uncovered: Capel Street

You may not know it, but Capel Street is one of Dublin’s most historically significant streets. It was a fundamental part of an extension of the city north of the river by Sir Humphrey Jervis, who built a large chunk of his estate around St. Mary’s Abbey. In 1676 he built Essex Bridge, (now Grattan Bridge) establishing Capel Street as one of the main links between the north and south of the city. A great contrast to the Capel Street of today, in the 17th and 18th Centuries it was residential, lined with freestanding mansions, each of which had large gardens and courtyards. Later on in the 18th Century t

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Creative Dublin: Vanessa Daws, Swim Artist

When Vanessa Daws moved to Dublin in 2011, she did something that might seem unusual to most people, but has become a habit for her: “The first thing I did was I arranged a swim down the Liffey at dawn – what I normally do when I go on art residencies or move somewhere: I find the nearest body of water and I swim in it.” She tells me that she does this to feel more at home in a place: “to bond with a place. To be accepted by the city. Connecting, submerging, in the city. And I knew if I swam I just knew I’d be able to relax in the city. I knew it would be alright

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Dublin Treasures – Blessington Basin

Down by the Secret Garden – Blessington Basin On the south side, the secret garden was always the Iveagh Gardens. But in recent years music, comedy and food festivals have meant that that garden isn’t so secret anymore. So these days to find the city’s true secret garden, you have to head north side. Up O’Connell St, then North Frederick, cross Dorset and on up Blessington until you come to the black wrought iron gates. In you go. And you’re there.

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A Dublin Time Lapse At Night