With all the amenities and activities a student could wish for – plus a fantastic location – Dublin is the perfect place to study. Approximately 25,000 students from outside Ireland attend publicly-funded colleges and more than 100,000 students a year come to learn English at the city’s many English-language schools.

Why study in Dublin?

Ireland is internationally recognized for its impressive standards of education. Its capital city – which is also the English-speaking capital of the Eurozone – is fast emerging as a prominent education hub for overseas students. Diploma, master’s and PhD courses are all available at Dublin’s leading universities, colleges and educational institutions. Its ‘high educational level’ is one of the top three ‘attractiveness factors for [Dublin’s] economy’ and a major contri

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Future job prospects

It’s difficult to overestimate the opportunities that Dublin offers new graduates. The world’s largest and most dynamic companies have made a home here, thanks to our business-friendly environment, proximity to Europe, and rich cultural heritage.

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Student Life

The appeal of studying in Dublin – apart from the world-class universities – is this vibrant and storied city itself. Few other places can boast such a dense constellation of cultural attractions, social activities, sporting facilities, and options for retail therapy. It’s a safe place to live too. Read on for everything you need to know about making the most of Dublin while you’re here.

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