Dublin is an attractive city for international students and there are a ton of reasons why. Before you decide to study in Dublin though, here’s an introduction to some practical information about what you can expect from city’s tertiary education system.

Dublin has four world-ranking universities

For such a small city, Dublin offers excellent educational opportunities. The city has four universities: Trinity College Dublin, DCU, UCD and TU Dublin. All four of them feature in the QS World University Rankings. Three even rank among the top 500 in the world.

Just across the border in Kildare, there is also the university town of Maynooth which is home to another world-ranking institution called NUI Maynooth.

Through public and private colleges, Dublin offers a ton of other third-level options for students to take advantage of too.

The city is home to 32,000 international students

If you decide to study in Dublin, you won’t be alone. The city is home to thousands of students from all over the world.

Around a fifth of students at DCU hail from abroad while a quarter of UCD’s student body is international. According to the Irish Universities Association, more than 32,000 international students currently study in Ireland.

While application numbers dropped during the Covid-19 pandemic, the trend is quickly reversing with record numbers of applications in 2021. Much of this was driven by overseas students looking to Ireland for college places post-Brexit.

Graduates who study in Dublin can kickstart their careers here

Dublin is home to a ton of globally recognised multinationals, particularly in the areas of finance, tech, life sciences and business services. Despite the impacts of Covid-19, it’s economy is still growing too.

So once you’ve graduated, you may have the opportunity to gain valuable work experience here in Dublin. EU and UK citizens are free to take up employment without the need for a visa. While international students from non-EEA countries who study in Ireland can also apply for special student visas once they graduate.

Below, you’ll find out more about what you can expect from studying in Dublin. From student life and stories, through to student visas and planning your move, we’ve got all the most important details covered.

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Why study in Dublin?

1. The prestige of its universities Dublin is home to four world-ranking universities, which educate around 120,000 students. Its tradition as a student town goes back a long way. Trinity College, which is right in the heart of the city centre, was founded in the 16th century and is still internationally recognised for its academic excellency today. Since then, younger universities

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Where you can study

Higher education in Ireland Dublin’s heritage as a place of learning stretches right back back to the 16th century. Since then, the city’s students and teachers have pioneered advances in disciplines as diverse as medicine, atomic physics and literature. More recently, Dublin’s higher education institutions have also excelled in the area of business, technology and digital innovation. Higher education in Ireland is among the best in Europe. All four of Dublin’s universities, as well as one on the outskirts of the city, feature in the


Studying abroad in Dublin

Everything you should consider before moving to Dublin to study. Visas, fees, travel, accommodation, course entry requirements... there's plenty to think about before you make your study trip. But don't panic - with a little bit of preparation you won't have to deal with any surprises. This is your guide to all the various things you'll need to deal with - both before you leave for Dublin and when you arrive.


Graduate job prospects

It’s difficult to overestimate the opportunities that Dublin offers new graduates. The world’s largest and most dynamic companies have made a home here, thanks to our business-friendly environment, proximity to Europe, and rich cultural heritage.


Student life in Dublin

If you want to study in Dublin, you need to figure out which institution of higher education you’d like to attend. You may also need to navigate the likes of student visas and tuition fees. After this, it’s time to suss out whether or not student life in Dublin is right for you. Luckily, it’s a big part of the cityR

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Study Stories

Campus life, cutting edge research and the variety of academic institutions that call Dublin home.