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Recent Issues: Newsletter #16

Susanna Smyth of The Harlequin talks to us about the rise of vintage fashion in Dublin. There's the St. Patrick's Festival, Temple Bar Icon Walk and the Yard Crew.

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We chat to Renata Sperandio from Istituto Italiano, check in with an elephant keeper and get the feet tapping with Tradfest 2018.

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Our interview with Dr Ruth Johnson, Dublin City Archaeologist, building Dublin's data dashboard and the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition.

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An interview with Jenny Siung, Head of Education at Chester Beatty Library, the Dublin Book Festival and the Dublin Doc Fest.

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Conversation with two artists about being part of the Artists in Residence support programme, the Dalkey Lobster Festival and the Dublin City Triathlon.

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Ireland rugby player Mary Louise 'Maz' Reilly, Dublin Comic Con, taking place in the Convention Centre and the Dublin Quays Festival.

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Dublin Uncovered: Phibsboro

Wanton quirkiness, perennial liveliness and an endearing touch of shabbiness have always been part of Phibsboro's innate appeal. It was where I wanted to live as a DCU student in the late nineties, instead of the gentler, more refined environs of Drumcondra where I was instead. Phibsborough was where the cool kids hung out, with an ice rink, a surfeit of charity shops and good pubs like The Hut, where the Johnny Cash Appreciation Society were in situ on a Sunday night. And then there was McGowan's, where young love was almost certainly guaranteed to bloom, especially after a few drinks.

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Welcome Home

The Irish diaspora is renowned around the globe. Our ex-patriots exert a powerful influence on how this small country is seen by the rest of the world – and in 2017, the last year for which figures are available, 30,800 people left home to join it. But hang on: in the same period about 27,400 returned to Ireland – a marked increase over the previous year. So why, all of a sudden, are we seeing a return of the Irish? Everyone has different reason for coming home, of course. We talked to Natasha, 25, about what prompted her return to Dublin after almost three years of travelling. I feel like your early 20s are precious for either of two different route

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How Dublin Works: DCU Alpha

If you’re not entirely sure what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, or if you haven’t even heard of it yet, that’s alright. Essentially, the IoT is a connection of devices to the internet, whether that’s your washing machine or your house alarm and everything will be ‘talking’ to the other. On a micro level, that might mean that your alarm clock will tell your coffee machine that it’s time to start brewing a pot when you get up; on a macro level the possibilities are infinite, including making cities smarter.

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