Dublin has office spaces suitable for fledgling startups right through to international corporations. From bijou to the very big, from new builds to colourful Georgian conversions, it’s all on offer in the city.

Whatever your needs, you’ll be able to find the perfect base for your business. It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a 55m² retail unit or a 12,000m² office space. Available locations include city-centre high-rises in the city’s Central Business District and leafy suburban office parks.

Thanks to ongoing development, Dublin’s property inventory is growing fast. If we look at the second half of 2022 for example, Dublin office market take-up doubled in comparison to that of 2021, reaching 815,000sq ft in the third quarter of the year. This was also 78% higher than the ten-year average within this timeframe.

So if your business is thinking about investing in Dublin, you won’t have a problem finding suitable office space. Here’s some useful information if you’re considering setting up shop in the city.

Office parks in greater Dublin include:

What are office rents in Dublin like?

Before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Dublin’s commercial space market had matured and office rents in Dublin city centre had stabilised at around €60 to €65 per square foot. At least that’s what commercial property firm HWBC said at the time.

We have seen midweek days remaining as office anchors for employees, and an increase in onsite presence in recent months has contributed to the upward trend in office demand and occupancy. But As of 2023, prime office rents in Dublin city centre remain stable at €700 per square metre – or just under €65 per square foot.

As of 2023, this is how office rents in Dublin stand:

  • City centre: €700 per square metre / €65 per square foot
  • South suburbs: €318 per square metre / €29.50 per square foot
  • North suburbs: € 221 per square metre / €20.50 square foot
  • West suburbs: €194 per square metre / €18 square foot

(source: CBRE Research)

However, it’s worth noting that office rent in Dublin’s north and west suburbs actually have increased slightly over the past three years. While office costs in the West of the county remained significantly lower than that of other areas.

HWBC forecast that the suburban market could potentially peak at around €35 per square feet at office park locations like Sandyford and Central Park. While the market’s future is somewhat unclear, this insight will provide investors with an estimate of maximum costs as the sector is currently experiencing an increase in the number of employees returning to office.

Open plan office in Dublin

Other options

For those seeking a sense of community in their workplace, the number of coworking spaces in Dublin has grown over the last number of years. They usually offer both private offices and shared spaces.

Some global names like WeWork are in the Irish market, while home-grown companies like Iconic Offices have also set up central locations across the city.

There’s also some spaces carved out specifically for tech companies and startups. The likes of the Digital Hub and Dogpatch Labs create an innovative ecosystem of startups and established tech companies.

For startups, Dublin also boasts several progressive incubators and accelerators. They can help new businesses nurture and accelerate their growth, establishing their presence on the world stage. The Guinness Enterprise Centre and NovaUCD are just two examples.

How do I find an office in Dublin?

There are a number of commercial estate and letting agents in the city that can help you to find the right space for your business. These include:

Commercial property can also be bought or leased from Dublin City Council. While other councils, like Fingal County Council, compile lists of available commercial property in their area.

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