With a strong, open economy, strategic location and unrivalled incentives for investment, it’s no wonder that Dublin is consistently ranked as one of the best places in the world for doing business. The opportunities and lifestyle that it provides attracts homegrown and international talent to this diverse and energetic city.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) information

Find the latest information about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on both the Health Service Executive’s website and the official Irish government website. The government has advised against all inessential travel. Please see the Department of Foreign Affairs for the latest updates. The public are being asked to stay at home as much as possible to slow the spread of the virus. Cultural attractions (including galleries & museums), non-essential retail outlets, pubs/bars are closed un

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Move your business

Dublin is a favoured base for many international businesses and is home to the European headquarters of many more. Find out what’s placed this compact city among the top choices in the world – and see if your business is ready to set up its home here.

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Key sectors

Dublin has a vibrant and diverse economy. It supports thriving clusters of both Irish and international players and is experiencing strong growth in employment across a wide range of industry sectors. This success is expected to continue; FDI Intelligence has ranked Dublin as No. 1 in terms of economic potential among large cities. Dublin’s exceptionally well-educated, English-speaking workers, its business-friendly tax infrastructure and its strong ties to both the EU and US make this city the ideal place to expand or invest.

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Meetings & conventions

It’s no surprise that a city as entrepreneurial and dynamic as Dublin has a thriving meeting and convention scene. Dublin offers world-class venues, great value for money for both organisers and delegates and – of course – the city’s famously warm hospitality. The centrepiece is The Convention Centre in Dublin’s Docklands. This extraordinary venue hosts around a hundred events each year and has won over forty industry awards – including the World’s Leading Meetings and Conference Centre at the World Travel Awards 2017.

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The Dublin Economic Monitor

The Dublin Economic Monitor reports on economic trends emerging in the capital and provides a comprehensive picture of how the Dublin economy is performing. The Monitor publishes new data each quarter to help the reader process and understand economic performance. It provides a dashboard of the most relevant economic indicators for Dublin on business and consumer sentiment, employment trends, passenger and freight information, and property trends. It also provides unique insights into domestic and tourist spending in Dublin.

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According to a European-wide analysis of FDI trends published in June 2019, Ireland delivered a “Brexit-busting performance” in attracting foreign direct investment in 2018, winning 52% more FDI commitments than in the previous year. Other factors crucial to Ireland’s strong performance include its economic and political stability, in addition to its continued commitment to the EU. In combination, all these factors serve to increase Dublin’s attractiveness to foreign investors post-Brexit. For companies seeking to deal with the impli

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Business Stories

Dublin is Ireland's economic powerhouse and the place to be for the best talent in the EU. We profile some of businesses who call it home.

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How Ireland’s telecoms companies are coping with the Covid-19 crisis

As the remote workforce increases and those staying at home turn to streaming services for entertainment, how are Ireland’s telecoms companies coping? The Irish Government has announced that current social restrictions will continue until 19 April, with further measures put in place in relation to the closure of businesses and physical distancing due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. With much of the workforce now working from home, thousands of students learning and studying online, and a greater demand for streaming services while people stay indoors, increased pressure is no doubt being put on the telecoms industry. In fact, following talks with EU Commissioner Thierry Breton, Netflix, YouTube and others have agreed to limit stream quality to ease pressure on networks during the pandemic.


Cutting through the AI noise: Meet the Italian duo at the forefront of emerging tech with LogoGrab

Dublin-based Luca Boschin and Alessandro Prest began working on AI before it was 'sexy'. In the history of artificial intelligence, there has been a slew of peaks and troughs in confidence and interest in the technology. In the industry, the troughs are known as 'AI winters'. They can cause innovation to slow down until public and commercial interest is drummed up again, or researchers make a significant breakthrough. With AI arguably having reached its highest peak in history, it begs the question: will we see ever another AI winter? If you ask Luca Boschin and Alessandro Prest, the co-founders of Dublin AI startup LogoGrab, you'll get two different answers. "Hopefully not," Prest says. Boschin chips in with "I wouldn't mind". That's because for Boschin, there's a lot of gratuitous hype still bubbling around AI and if people were a little more sceptical, it might weed some of this out. "There are a lot of people that say 'we have AI', just to say it. Hopefully, this hype will stop and people get real again and focus on really solving challenges," Boschin says.


Upstream Working Capital to provide €100m to SMEs

A US-backed provider of alternative finance said it would provide up to €100m in funding to growth-focused Irish companies over the next three years. Upstream Working Capital has opened an office in Sandyford Business Park in Dublin with a funding pot which has the potential to support transactions of up to €10m per client. The company began supporting the Northern Irish SMEs in 2011. It secured substantial backing from a major US-based shareholder in spring 2019, which helped it fund companies internationally in locations including North and South America. The company said that working capital availability, to fulfil orders and fund continued sales growth is often the limiting factor for businesses. It said it provides solutions to deliver the necessary cashflow to fund growth as part of a company's overall funding mix. Aidan Dolan, Head of Business Development in Upstream's Dublin office, said the company sees great opportunities as Ireland is set to be the strongest growing euro zone economy in 2020. "Notably most businesses within the SME space are planning to invest and employ more people in 2020. We want to support these companies with their investment and growth plans," Mr Dolan said.