Dublin is by far the biggest beneficiary of Brexit relocations, according to the European think tank New Financial.

An fDi report for 2021-2022 also notes that Dublin will continue to be the location of choice for firms leaving London for Brexit-related reasons. This is largely thanks to its well-established financial services sector. As of spring 2021, Dublin had already welcomed 135 financial firms which decided to relocate. This figure represents more than a quarter of the firms that made a move out of the UK.

So far, companies moving to Ireland after Brexit include Barclays, Morgan Stanley, TD Securities, S&P Global, Thomson Reuters, Equilend, Coinbase, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bank of America.

Why are businesses relocating to Dublin after Brexit?

Generally, there are many aspects which draw FDI investment to Dublin. Its business-friendly environment, tax incentives, skilled workforce and innovative incubators and accelerators all play a big role. The city’s diverse community and culture are big pluses too.

For companies seeking to deal with the implications of Brexit, setting up a base in Dublin provides access to the EU’s single market too. Plus, thanks to the Common Travel Area arrangement between Ireland and the UK, British citizens are entitled to come to Ireland to live and work. There’s no conditions, caveats or restrictions attached.

Post-Brexit, Dublin offers companies an opportunity to grow their business with as little disruption and cost as possible.

Support for newcomers

For companies seeking to grow and diversify their Irish footprint, the IDA offers practical support and assistance. It provides information and advice, as well as financial assistance across R&D, training, employment and capital investment.

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Why invest in Dublin?

Exceptionally well-educated workers, four of Forbes's top Most Innovative Companies and all the vibrancy of a European capital city: Dublin is where you want to be.


The Dublin Economic Monitor

The Dublin Economic Monitor reports on emerging trends and performance within Dublin’s economy. Every quarter, it publishes new data and showcases the most important information on its user-friendly dashboard. It features statistics on consumer sentiment, employment trends, passenger and freight information, property trends and other informative performance data. There’s useful insights into how much tourists and locals are spending in the city too.

man pointing at presentation on screen which features bar charts and graphs about investment opportunities


Investment opportunities

Two very popular areas of investment in the city are startups and real estate. If you’re looking for investment opportunities in Dublin, this is probably the best place to start. If you’re still unsure if investing in Ireland is right for you, check out our informative facts and figures about investments in Dublin. Dublin’s startups Whatever your interests, budget and appetite for risk are, Dublin’s capital ecosystem has an investment opportunity to match what you’re looking for. The city’s startups cover a wide range of industries, but they all have one thing in common. TheyR