We promote Dublin to the world, via our website (Dublin.ie) and social media. Over the past couple of months we’ve been collecting photos of essential workers, as the county responds to the COVID-19 crisis. We collected them via social media and email, the call open to all who would send a photo. We present their photos here, along with their professions, in thanks for the work they’ve done, and continue to do.

Gallery #1

  • Alba, NurseAlba, Nurse
  • Ammar, RadiographerAmmar, Radiographer
  • Amy, Staff NurseAmy, Staff Nurse
  • Dearbhail, DentistDearbhail, Dentist
  • Alan, Croke ParkAlan, Croke Park
  • Ashley, Health Care WorkerAshley, Health Care Worker
  • Aoife, Clinical Nurse ManagerAoife, Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Cathal, Dublin Fire BrigadeCathal, Dublin Fire Brigade
  • Zachary, Security ManagerZachary, Security Manager
  • Jenny, Recovery managerJenny, Recovery manager
  • Ciarán, Test Team Croke ParkCiarán, Test Team Croke Park

Gallery #2

  • Deborah, NurseDeborah, Nurse
  • Deirdre, Dublin Fire BrigadeDeirdre, Dublin Fire Brigade
  • Dorota, Frontline WorkerDorota, Frontline Worker
  • Jake, Aer LingusJake, Aer Lingus
  • Fergus, DoctorFergus, Doctor
  • Fiona & Amy, Test Team Croke ParkFiona & Amy, Test Team Croke Park
  • John, PharmacistJohn, Pharmacist
  • John Harvey, NurseJohn Harvey, Nurse
  • Wael, DoctorWael, Doctor
  • Vincent, Medical Social WorkerVincent, Medical Social Worker

Gallery #3

  • Denis & Maedbh, Emergency nursesDenis & Maedbh, Emergency nurses
  • Karen, NurseKaren, Nurse
  • Katie, Test Team Croke ParkKatie, Test Team Croke Park
  • Kunle & Maedbh, Doctor and nurseKunle & Maedbh, Doctor and nurse
  • Grainne, Test Team Croke ParkGrainne, Test Team Croke Park
  • Sophie, NurseSophie, Nurse
  • Michelle, Test Team Croke ParkMichelle, Test Team Croke Park
  • Vanessa, Healthcare AssistantVanessa, Healthcare Assistant
  • Bartosz, Bus driverBartosz, Bus driver
  • Roxanne and Claire, ParamedicsRoxanne & Claire, Paramedics

Gallery #4

  • Neill, Ken and Derek, Dublin Fire BrigadeNeill, Ken & Derek, Dublin Fire Brigade
  • Annette, Nursing Home WorkerAnnette, Nursing Home Worker
  • Carla, Bus driverCarla, Bus driver
  • Cynthia, Nursing Home WorkerCynthia, Nursing Home Worker
  • Denija, Sky Handling PartnerDenija, Sky Handling Partner
  • Gareth, Garda StoresGareth, Garda Stores
  • Inga, Hospital SecurityInga, Hospital Security
  • Jasmine, Social Care WorkerJasmine, Social Care Worker
  • Cosmin, bus driverCosmin, bus driver
  • Kevin, Bus driverKevin, Bus driver
  • Derek, PPE transportDerek, PPE transport

Gallery #5

  • Terri, Health Care AssistantTerri, Health Care Assistant
  • Neil, Health Care AssistantNeil, Health Care Assistant
  • Paula, Health Care AssistantPaula, Health Care Assistant
  • Orla, Home Care WorkerOrla, Home Care Worker
  • Shiji, ICU nurseShiji, ICU nurse
  • Stephen & Marion, Dublin Fire Brigade & Clinical Nurse ManagerStephen & Marion, Dublin Fire Brigade & Clinical Nurse Manager
  • Vipin, Staff NurseVipin, Staff Nurse
  • Stephen, DCC Road SweeperStephen, DCC Road Sweeper
  • Veralyn, Staff NurseVeralyn, Staff Nurse
  • Teresa, ICU NurseTeresa, ICU Nurse

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