Katie Kavanagh, a Dublin 8 based photographer, had an idea. As we’re generally stuck indoors due to COVID-19 restrictions, she’d take portrait shots of her neighbours at their doors. The idea grew legs and she’s linked up with Purple House Cancer Support Centre for the project, Doors Closed, Hearts Open. Their aim is to create a gallery of 200,000 ‘Doortraits’ to support the 200,000 people living with Cancer in Ireland today.

Purple House are encouraging the public to get involved by taking a photo of their family at their front door, and sending it to their online gallery. They’re also asking that you Text PURPLE to 50300 to donate €4, which will help Purple House to support Cancer patients nationwide.

Great idea Katie!

Dublin 8 'Doortraits'

  • A couple and their dog pose at their front door
  • A woman stands in her front door
  • A woman stands in her front door
  • A woman sitting on a chair at her front door. Sunlight crosses her face.
  • A woman leans against her front door
  • A woman in a yellow jumper leans against her open door
  • Doors Closed, Hearts Open - Katie Kavanagh, a Dublin photographer, has been taking Doortraits of her neighbours at their doors and raising funds for cancer.

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