Creative Dublin: Fergus O’Neill, Graphic Designer

Fergus O’Neill is the graphic designer responsible for the ‘Feck It, Sure It’s Grand’ line of products. He also created a series of prints depicting twentieth-century Dublin landmarks such as the Poolbeg electricity generating station and the monumental concrete silos, now demolished, at Boland’s Mill. He studied visual communication at Dún Laoghaire College of Art and Design, now IADT, and works from a shed in Irishtown. Keep Going, Sure It’s Grand. That could be the motto of the Irish Tell me about ‘Feck It, Sure It’s Grand’. It was in part based on the British ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ pos

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Irish economy surges to double-digit growth

Growth in the Irish economy has again confounded expectations, growing by 10.5 per cent year on year in the third quarter of 2017. The latest quarterly national accounts show gross domestic product (GDP) accelerated by 4.2 per cent in the third quarter alone amid a strong pick-up in personal consumption. This was nearly eight times the growth rate recorded in the euro zone as a whole. The figures also show Gross National Product (GNP), which strips out the effects of multinational profit flows, jumped by 11.9 per cent on a quarterly basis. While the numbers reflect the current strength of the Irish economy, they also raise fresh questions about the level of statistical noise in the data.


The National Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition

Citywest Convention Centre

The National Manufactruing Conference & Exhibition at the Citywest on January 31st 2017 is the perfect opportunity for colleagues in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, electronics and general production and processing industries to network and make new contacts. • Hear from an impressive line-up of speakers from food, pharma, chemical, medical, life sciences, electronic, cleantech & renewable, process engineering and instrumentation, precision instruments, building materials, Machinery & tools, aerospace/aviation manufacturers. • Meet with leading suppli

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Skytango is an online platform for the buying and selling of drone video footage. Irish woman Susan Flynn is Skytango’s chief operating officer. Her husband Steve, from Minnesota, is its chief executive, a job he’s been preparing for since he was seven years old: “Back in the day, you’d spend three months building a balsa wood and styrofoam airplane and it would take-off and you might have a thirty-second flight and it would explode into pieces, and you’d go back and work for three months to rebuild it. Now you can pull a drone out of a box and launch it, and it’s really fun. ItR

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‘IoT innovations can transform Ireland into a smart nation’

Vodafone's Debbie Power outlines her company's role as an enabler of IoT technology and why STEM diversity is an issue close to her heart. Debbie Power is the internet of things (IoT) sales solutions manager at Vodafone Ireland. At Vodafone, she uses her strengths in the areas of IoT, marketing and PR to help transform how customers use technology, offering solutions for a smarter, more connected Ireland. Describe your role and what you do: My role is largely interactive and customer-facing, with each day bringing a new experience, which is something that I really enjoy. I regularly meet with customers to understand their business challenges and requirements, where I asses how our IoT technology solutions can alleviate and assist with their problems. I then work with our partners and suppliers to deliver end-to-end bespoke solutions that address the challenges they have identified. How do you prioritise and organise your working life? I'm a 'to-do list' person as I feel this works best for me. I start my day by looking back at my notes and actions from previous meetings, and create an action list for the day. That's where I start to organise my working life and I try to stick to this as much as I can. A key consideration that I have learned over my career is that you need to be adaptable, as anything can happen in a day to throw your to-do list into disarray. A rule of thumb that I go by is that our customers come first, so it's important that their needs are prioritised.


Business Supports

Setting up a business can be a difficult process at times – even more so if you are new to a city. Whether you are a MNC, SME or simply someone with a good idea, you will at some stage need help, be it to unearth the right talent, find the right premises or get information on the financial supports available to you. These supports can play a major role in making a business thrive and thankfully in Dublin, the established ecosystem for enterprise means that these supports are easily available, via a number of business support agencies and government departments.

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What's On

Pendulum Summit

The Convention Centre Dublin

The Pendulum Summit is the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit. Pendulum Summit is the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summit. Their mission is to enable individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses to achieve excellence by asking the best minds from around the world to stimulate disruptive, game-changing and visionary thinking. A large proportion of companies that attend Pendulum Summit are already running successful internal leadership and developmental programmes. They however realise the significant added value of Pendulum Summit in providing their tea

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BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition


The BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is much more than a competition; it is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime for the students who take part. The Exhibition itself is the final stage in the competition, which is open to all second level students from Ireland, both north and south. As well as the student projects on display, there are a further four exhibition halls filled with science and technology based exhibits and entertainment, making it a thrilling event for those who entered and for general visitors too. In 1963 two physics researchers from the University Colleg

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Holiday World Show


Now is the time to indulge your travel fantasies without breaking the bank! At Holiday World Dublin 2018, taking place 26th to 28th January at RDS Simmonscourt, you’ll have the chance to meet with travel professionals from around the world to plan your ideal holiday and take advantage of show-only specials and deals. With over 55 countries and various holiday options including adventure holidays, cruises, over 50s holidays, city breaks and more represented, you’re sure to find the best holiday at the best price. Whether it’s building sandcastles on the beach in Spain, driving the Wild

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  • IrishTimesBiz Irish Times Business

    Kennedy Wilson acquires 124 Dublin city apartments for €45m

  • isme_ie ISME

    Fire brigades and ambulances attended ‘staged’ crash (for those who still believe the 'where there's no negligence there's no claim' myth) via @IrishTimes

  • ConneXions_IE ConneXions

    Want to learn more about #MarieCurie? Have a look at that mini-expo! #CulturMoov is a French startup creating staged cultural contents & was exhibiting at #ConneXions2017 - well done @RomainPrevalet, it is a great initiative! @FranceinIreland @tech_dublin @BF_Ireland

  • FumballyExch Fumbally Exchange

    #MeetTheMaker This week we host Patrycjusz Sepolinski from Meastelo serving 'probably the best coffee' -...

  • festivaluprise UPRISE Festival 2018

    Shazam were on stage during our last festival in #dublin and now Apple buys up the #music app for a reported $400 million!

  • Bespoke_Choice Bespokechoice

    Grateful to be named as one of the top companys to watch 2018 by @siliconrepublic and now our MD has went and won the county young enrpeneur of the year. #ibye #startup #Hospitality #Digital

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John Lambert, aka Irish musician Chequerboard, is by his own admission, “not a megaphone person,” however his music is being heard loud and clear around the world. Chequerboard’s most popular song on Spotify, Opening the Gates, has had almost 11 million streams, a pretty phenomenal achievement for the Dublin man whose gentle atmospheric music comprises looped acoustic guitar and textured electronica. Sitting down for a chat in the coffee shop of the Chester Beatty Library, John is modest about this unexpected success and candid about the winding road to it. Chequerboard’s ambient music was born from no

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How Dublin Works: Digital Docklands

Dublin’s docks met the same sorry fate in the 1970s as those elsewhere around the world, the arrival of containers revolutionising shipping and decimating dockland employment. Work that had sustained inner-city communities for generations suddenly evaporated. The Docklands became empty, desolate wastelands until the first regeneration project came in the shape of Charles Haughey’s Irish Financial Services Centre in the late 80s. The IFSC was developed on the north side of the Liffey behind Connolly train station. While banks and other financial services moved into the area, it had little impact at first on the citizens of Dublin. And at night there was a tumbleweed feel to th

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An e-commerce business is a simpler business model than you might think – that’s according to the two founders of start-up business Water2Buy in Fingal