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Huckletree, Wednesday 21st November

Join us at Huckletree for the first event in our new Learn & Connect event series on Storytelling in Learning.

Celine Mullins from Adaptas will explain why our brains love stories, while Mary Kate O'Flanagan from A Dramatic Improvement will show us how to craft stories to boost communication in every context.

Storytelling in the Brain: We now know that humans are wired to process information as stories. Stories sustain our attention, increase our engagement and enhance our memory. We use more of our brain when we're listening to stories. It's critical to understand how a story works in our brains to appreciate its impact in human learning. Find out how the neurochemicals that stories produce can help learners to change habits and behaviour.

Wednesday 21st November
5.30pm - 7.00pm
Huckletree D2, Dublin, Ireland

Google Map of Huckletree D2, Dublin, Ireland