Girls Get Active Hackathon

Online, Friday 16th April - Friday 30th April

Many teenage girls across Ireland are missing out on the benefits of sport and physical activity because they don’t think they are “sporty enough”, they don’t know where or how to get involved, and they don’t think there are opportunities for them to be involved in sport other than traditional team sports.

Use your voice to help these teenage girls realise that sport and physical activity can be a part of their lives and that sport is for everyone, including them.

Be part of the Sport Ireland Girls Get Active Hackathon and help us tackle the challenge of inactivity by being part of the solution.

What is a Hackathon?

A Hackathon is a short concentrated event that brings people together to brainstorm and share a range of creative and innovative ideas around a challenge.  It’s a great way for people to come together, share ideas and create positive change in society.

Who should get involved? 

For this hackathon we are looking for individuals and groups from all ages and all backgrounds, to get involved including; girls in secondary school, TY students, teachers, parents, third level students, researchers, sport development officers, NGB and LSP staff.

Basically, if you have an idea that you think could be turned into a great programme for teenage girls or if you have a passion for promoting sport and physical activity among teenage girls and want to be part of the solution then this Hackathon event is for you!

How does it work?

The Hackathon will take place online via Zoom in April.

Day 1: Friday April 16th  4pm-6pm

  • Group Learning and Understanding – Day one will involve presentations and updates from Sport Ireland staff to further outline the problem to be addressed. The facilitator will begin the process of discovery and analysis.

Day 2: Saturday April 17th  10am-12pm

  • Research & Brainstorming Ideas – Groups will begin to brainstorming and come up with different ideas

Day 3: Sunday April 18th  10am

  • Consolidating Ideas: Groups further refine their best ideas and prepare to submit it

Friday 30th April 4pm: 

  • Showcase Event: Sport Ireland will shortlist the ideas and announce the winners

Friday 16th April - Friday 30th April

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