Dublin is home to some of the most innovative companies in the world, with the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn located here. Within the quarter known as ‘Silicon Docks’, innovation and creativity abound with a mixture of global technology companies, startups and venture capitalists. However, the entrepreneurial spirit is not confined to one area. You will now find approximately 1,500 startups all working on the next big idea.

Smart Dublin

Smart Dublin is an initiative of the four Dublin Local Authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve city challenges and improve city life. It was launched in March 2016. Dublin has all the right ingredients to become one of Europe’s leading Smart Cities: multinationals, SMEs, research institutions, city and state agencies and citizen/community groups, who are committed and excited to support Smart Dublin’s vision. The key objectives are: Provide Better Services – To develop, drive and facilitate public services which are bett

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Startup Ecosystem

For a city of its size, Dublin boasts a significant number of innovation centres, business accelerators and startup incubators. These all offer a wide range of support and guidance, helping entrepreneurs to realise their ideas and develop their business. For a comprehensive list please visit Map of Ireland’s Startup Sector and check out Dublin’s list of innovation centres, business accelerators and startup incubators.

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Dublin’s transformation into one of the leading startup capitals has been assisted by a progressive attitude within all sectors. We have developed some of Europe’s top innovation centres – such as the award winning NDRC located in the city’s Digital Hub. Meanwhile our main universities and colleges not only provide their own incubation spaces for innovation and talent, they are now increasingly tailoring specific 3rd level courses to develop entrepreneurial skills.

The ecosystem for entrepreneurship, as set out by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, has identified six crucial inputs for driving enterprise in Ireland. They are identified below and agencies like Local Enterprise Offices are contributing to one or more of these inputs, and each is being addressed via multiple channels.

Ecosystem for Entrepreneurship


See what attracts the world's best tech talent to Ireland. Why not join some of the biggest names in technology in a progressive society. Tech/Life Ireland is an initiative of the Government of Ireland under the ICT Skills Action Plan. It is funded by the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation in partnership with Enterprise Ireland, IDA Ireland and the Irish Technology Industry.



The Office of the Dublin Commissioner for Startups - aka Startup Dublin - is an independent, not for profit organization established in October 2014 to support and promote innovation-led, product-based companies that are born, bred or adopted in Dublin.



We let you know what’s happening right now, and what’s happening next. We document the Dublin tech ecosystem, from the multinationals to the cream of Dublin’s startup crop, and celebrate those virtual Dubliners who serve as our ambassadors across the globe. We are an initiative of the Dublin Startup Commissioner’s Office – like that office, we possess a voice and a sensibility that is entirely independent. We’re taking Dublin tech, innovation and design off the business pages, and into the mainstream. Our currency is creativity, and we’re cashing in big time.