Dubliners are a friendly and straight-forward bunch. Those characteristics have played a big part in making Dublin one of the best global cities to do business in. For the second year in a row Ireland is Europe’s fastest growing economy; as its capital city, Dublin is at its economic heart. We are home to some of the world’s leading companies like Citibank, Lufthansa and Accenture and are quickly becoming one of the most energetic start-up capitals in the world. Put simply, Dublin is a city which gets things done minus the hassle and the fuss – rather like its inhabitants.

Over the last number of decades Dublin has grown into a global services hub; this compact city now plays host to a diverse business culture. In its boardrooms discussion focuses around such industries as financial services, ICT, life sciences, creative industries, biotech, medical tech and pharma. However, growth in these areas has not been down to chance. A number of elements have contributed to Dublin’s fertile pro-business environment:

Business Supports

From developing the next billion euro start-up to locating your European HQ, Dublin provides you with all the help you need to make business work. We have a number of Government agencies which can anticipate the kind of support that your business might require.

Young & Educated Workforce

With over half of 30-34 year olds completing third-level education, Ireland boasts one of the youngest and most highly educated workforces in Europe. Brimming with highly skilled and enthusiastic people who can drive your business forward, Dublin’s workforce is made up of some of the best homegrown and international talent. Learn more about Ireland’s education system.

Location & Size

Good things come in small packages. Unlike larger, sprawling capital cities, Dublin’s compact size allows business to be conducted with ease. The airport is a short, 10km hop from the city centre and a well-developed road and rail network connects the region to the rest of the country. Dublin is serviced by an array of public transport options including a light rail network and a public bike system.

Another unique competitive edge over other European Capital cities is that we are the only English-speaking capital within the Eurozone. Furthermore, locating your business in Dublin will provide unrestricted access to the EU’s 500 million consumers.

Tax and R&D Credits

Ireland’s corporate tax regime has afforded both domestic and international companies located in Dublin a competitive edge. A corporate rate of 12.5% and R&D Credits of 25% mean Dublin is one of the best cities in the world to do business in. You can view PWC’s Tax Facts 2017 here.

Dublin Economic Monitor

The Dublin Economic Monitor is a joint initiative on behalf of the four Dublin local authorities to track developments in the capital’s economy. The Dublin City Region (i.e. the 4 Dublin local authorities combined) plays an increasingly important role in the economy of Ireland and it is important that its performance is properly tracked. Co-ordinated by Dublin City Council, the commissioning of the Monitor represents a further manifestation of the enhanced role of local authorities in the area of economic development and enterprise support, in line with the local government reform programme.



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Dublin Chamber of Commerce

Dublin Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of all businesses in the Greater Dublin Area and as the leading business organisation in the area, the Chamber offers the opportunity to promote your business and to get involved in its future direction.