The Irish Young Philosopher Awards

This event has ended

UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4, Friday 18th May

Where students, professional philosophers and the public come to think together.

Should life be fair or just equal? Are we free? What is beauty? Who am I? What is a good life?

These are philosophical questions.
If you have ever thought or talked about them then you have done philosophy!

The Irish Young Philosopher Awards (IYPA) cultivates a vibrant space for philosophical and ethical reflection. Submissions from all over the country will be exhibited at the Awards on Friday 18 May 2018. The awards are aimed at primary and secondary students and encourages ethical and reflexive thinking about all forms of knowledge and the issues that are central to contemporary social life. The IYPA seeks to develop both civic and intellectual capabilities, championing the virtues of ethical and reflexive thinking, curiosity, dialogue, respectful communication and collaborative knowledge-building.

Friday 18th May
O'Reilly Hall, Priesthouse, Dublin, Ireland

Google Map of O'Reilly Hall, Priesthouse, Dublin, Ireland