‘The future of media: experience, models, practice’

Online, Thursday 6th May

Three panel sessions of discussion and debate on the future of media in Ireland.

About this Event
Three panel sessions of discussion and debate themed on the three goals identified in the Terms of Reference for the Future of Media Commission; to identify the Irish experience, to consider the extent to which the current models of delivery are the appropriate ones the next ten years, and to review best practice in other comparable jurisdictions.

Panel one— The Irish Experience
This panel will discuss the Irish experience thus far in relation to broadcasting. Particular attention will be given to the independent broadcasting sector, local and national journalism in Ireland and the experience of minorities.

Panel two—The Current Model and its Appropriateness for the Future
Panel two will discuss the current funding model from the perspective of different stakeholders and what other models might be appropriate.

Panel three—International Best Practice
Panel three will explore examples of international best practice while also exploring best practice models that integrate, represent and nurture young people and talent. The implications of the new European Media directive will be discussed and how it could be implemented nationally and form part of the solution.

Thursday 6th May

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