PhotoIreland Festival

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PhotoIreland Festival

Various Locations, Tuesday 1st May - Thursday 31st May 2018

PhotoIreland’s international festival is focused around photography and image culture. Explore work of esteemed photographers, as well as that of young and local initiatives in Ireland, presented to you in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere.

Run by PhotoIreland Foundation, this year the festival presents the works of two photographers working around women’s rights, at a time when Ireland will vote in a referendum about issues concerning access to legal abortion. Launching the festival on 3rd May, Laia Abril’s comprehensive work On Abortion, looks at the history and repercussions for women in the absence of safe and legal abortions – the first chapter of an extensive project A History of Misogyny. Irish artist Sarah Cullen presents her work You Shall Have Exactly What You Want exploring the experiences of pregnant women in Ireland who are faced with crisis pregnancies.

Tuesday 1st May - Thursday 31st May 2018


The Abbey Theatre

A modern mutation on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, in the 200th year since its publication FRNKNSTN, by Michael West, runs on the Peacock Stage the 200th year since Mary Shelley's Frankenstein was published. Directed by Muireann Ahern and performed by Louis Lovett, this daring adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic (not suitable for under 16s) re-imagines Victor Frankenstein as a gene-splicing molecular biologist who creates human life from his own DNA, with catastrophic results. Speaking from a holding cell, Frankenstein is desperate to set the record straight. A modern ghost story and ps

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Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday

dlr Mill Theatre

Eva Kelly is a Dublin based free­lance illustrator, educator and arts facilitator. 'My illustration is about visual commentary that reflects observations from everyday life, people's interactions, interiors and exteriors features. The idea is to create a strong sense of place and stories in each image that the viewer can also create. It is about elevating daily scenes and showing new ways to look at the ordinary.' Everyone, Everywhere, Everyday is an illustrated journey through the north and south of inner city Dublin. Inspired by Ulysses, James Joyce, it traces part of the journey Leopol

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The Snapper

Gate Theatre

The Snapper offers a wickedly funny account of the ups and downs of family life and pregnancy in Northside Dublin of the late 1980s. It is salty and sweet and the Gate Theatre sits right next door to the Rotunda Hospital where Sharon’s baby ‘the snapper’ is born… Please note, children must be accompanied by an adult. This production contains adult themes and strong language. Parental discretion is advised.

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