Musical Tales 2021 presented by CMC

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Online, Thursday 8th April

Performance of works by composers from Ireland that resonate with Leonard and Hungry Paul by Rónán Hession followed by a live Panel Discussion including the Author and Curator.

This online Musical Tales event presented by the Contemporary Music Centre, Ireland in association with One Dublin One Book features performances of works by composers from Ireland Linda Buckley, Greg Caffrey, Ben Dwyer, David Fennessy, Deirdre McKay and Jonathan Nangle that were selected from CMC’s collection by composer curator Jane O’Leary based on connections with Leonard and Hungry Paul by Rónán Hession, be it through themes, era, characters, places, ideas, sounds, images, etc.

Performances of these works are presented alongside readings by author Rónán Hession of extracts from the book that inspired curator Jane O'Leary’s selection of works for the following programme, together with contributions by the curator in which she explains why these extracts inspired selection of the works performed:

  • exploding stars (2011) by Linda Buckley, performed by violinist Darragh Morgan
  • a pale yellow sky, mvts. 1 and 6 (2005) by Deirdre McKay, performed by harpist Clíona Doris
  • Changeless and the changed (2014) by David Fennessy, performed by violinist Alice Rickards and cellist Sonia Cromarty
  • disjecta iii from five disjecta (after Beckett) (2019) by Benjamin Dwyer, performed by composer guitarist Benjamin Dwyer
  • Mandala (2020) by Jonathan Nangle, performed by clarinettist Deirdre O'Leary
  • Bagatelle No. 2 (2019) by Greg Caffrey, performed by guitarist Matthew McAllister

This will be followed by a live Panel Discussion led by CMC’s Linda O’Shea Farren, in which Rónán Hession, Jane O’Leary and some of the featured composers and performers will participate via zoom, with an opportunity for the audience to ask questions of the Panel.

While tickets are not necessary, booking via eventbrite is encouraged.

Thursday 8th April

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