Mespil in the Dark

Online, Wednesday 16th June - Sunday 20th June

MESPIL IN THE DARK explores the lives of eight actors and artists who live in the same complex of flats in Dublin. We will follow the solo rat runs of each of their normal days and how they tread in and out of each other’s lives. We will observe their daily habits, both private and public. From trimming their toenails to cooking a meal to how they do their laundry. We will hear about their dreams and nightmares and experience with them their hopes and fears and the small coincidental accidents that shape their destinies.

It is a sensitive, sometimes surreal, voyeuristic experience. We watch these individuals who lead lives of quiet desperation just about staving off failure and making a living.

Does the flat complex and its community of residents offset loneliness or can living in close proximity with many people become intrusive? Do the residents support one another – or is there an illusion of support which simply serves to maintain social diplomacy? Will these eccentric characters living in this bohemian oasis in the middle of a modern city be able to continue to live there?

Part fiction, part cinema verité, MESPIL IN THE DARK will be presented as four fifteen-minute episodes over four nights online.

Wednesday 16th June - Sunday 20th June

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