LEO Dublin City Women in Business Network: The surprising benefits of journaling for productivity, goal-setting and de-stressing

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Online, Wednesday 5th May

You’re busy with your business and other commitments – and aware that you need to look after your own wellbeing to continue to operate successfully. Why add another ‘to do’ to your list?

Journaling packs a powerful punch in terms of providing well-being benefits, improved self-awareness, clarity and productivity – a few minutes spent journaling can save hours in your day.

Studies show that writing down your thoughts, experiences, ideas and reflections provide the following benefits – and more.

  • Journaling acts as a springboard for action.
  • Journaling helps uncover purpose – key to improving mental strength and wellness.
  • Writing about your challenges delivers clarity – on lists, plans, goals and values.
  • Writing down what you’re grateful for brings a positive mindset instantly. Building the habit of gratitude has a lasting effect.
  • Putting pen to paper, listing your problems, fears, and concerns, helps you prioritise what’s important and put aside what’s not.
  • Day to day tracking of how you feel, enables you to recognise triggers and learn better ways to handle them.

Join Maria Burke, Waywords Journaling for journaling insights and tips to help make your journaling easier and more effective so you get a high return on effort invested and most importantly, achieve your goals with less stress.

Maria Burke, Founder of Waywords Journals, is a fan of taking small steps to deliver big results. Curiosity whilst working as a Pharmacist then running various other businesses and later as an Executive Coach and Business Mentor led to the realisation that writing down challenges, thoughts, experiences and reflections, packs a powerful punch in terms of providing personal well-being benefits and achieving business results.

The event will end with 15 minutes of networking in breakout groups.

Wednesday 5th May

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