LEO Dublin City Women in Business Network: Digital Marketing Masterclass for Small Business Owners & Startups

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Online, Wednesday 14th April

Jessica Nolan, an experienced marketer and founder of The Disruptors Agency (a marketing agency for health and wellness brands) will be delivering a Digital Marketing Masterclass. Jessica began her journey as a digital marketer as a result of ‘needs must' for her own small business… So she knows first hand the challenges faced by small business owners and startups who are trying to market their business by themselves, and on a budget.

  • Jessica's talk will cover:
  • Social Media Marketing tips and tricks
  • Which social media platforms should YOU be focusing on
  • Influencer marketing
  • Facebook Ads

With a large proportion of the session being dedicated to a Q&A led by you, our guests, as in Jessica's eyes, this is the best way to deliver as much value as possible.

The event will end with 15 minutes of networking in breakout groups.

Wednesday 14th April

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