#HackRemote Hackathon

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online, Tuesday 31st March - Wednesday 1st April

Working remotely was once the realm of tech developers and stay at home moms. Now, whether through necessity or choice, more and more businesses are working to find remote working solutions. As the look of the office changes from large building to kitchen table new opportunities and problems arise.

What The Hack is teaming up with Thunkable to create #HackRemote an event to design tech based solutions for remote working problems. And in the spirit of walking the walk and talking the talk they are solving these problems all while working remotely.

In conjunction with the 8th goal of the EU’s 17 sustainability goals, What The Hack is tackling remote work accessibility in all of its forms. Whether it’s finding solutions for the differently abled, work life balance, parents, or new uses for remote working technology, What The Hack’s amazing participants will come up with the solution.

Just as What The Hack demonstrated the feasibility of a sustainable event with their FastFashion Hackathon, this remote event demonstrates the viability of remote working for organizations of all sizes.

As the shape of the office changes, What The Hack’s participants are poised to mould the future of remote working.

The themes participants will be hacking are :

Technology and the aging population

Autism-friendly remote classrooms

Disability awareness for remote interviews

Reintegration for ex-prisoners

Inclusive festivals and remote solutions

Celebrating neurodiversity in remote work

GP's and administrative bottlenecks in the Co-Vid era

How to make social distancing more social

The struggle of Co-Vid for the blind

How to keep work-life balanced while working remotely

How to work effectively from home with young children

How not to be isolated in social distancing and isolation

The remote working event will take place March 31-April 1, at locations throughout Ireland.

To participate , you will need to have Whatsapp, Youtube, Google apps, and a working internet connection!

Follow our hashtag on Twitter and Linkedin #HackRemote 🙂

Tuesday 31st March - Wednesday 1st April