Corporate Treasury & Cash Management Conference

Corporate Treasury & Cash Management Conference

Croke Park, Wednesday 14th November 2018

The Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers' annual conference explores the issues and challenges facing today's treasury sector generally, and its treasurer professionals specifically. Interact with key national and international opinion leaders and decision makers.

08:00 – Welcome address
Anne Fitzgerald, President, Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers.

08.10 – Opening address
George Lee, Conference Chairman, Current Affairs Broadcaster, RTÉ.

08.15 – Where are we in the economic cycle? And what does it mean for interest rates?
Nandidi Ramakrishnan, Market Strategist, J.P. Morgan Asset Management.
With the current economic cycle already one of the longest in history, the question remains – how long can it continue? At the same time, economies around the world are contending with political, demographic, structural and cyclical issues. How do we navigate the varied economic landscapes and the interest rates that come with it?

08.45 – Rethinking finance in a circular economy
Leon Wijnands, Global Head of Sustainability, ING.
Societal challenges like resource scarcity and climate change combined with technological innovation and evolving consumer demand are changing and disrupting the business models of a lot of companies. What are the financial implications of these changes? To what extent could this impact cash flows, balance sheet and risk management in your companies? And what does this mean for the way you are funded and the role of banks?

09:15 – Brexit: Is your treasury function prepared?
Balint Elek, Head of Global Trade and Receivable Finance, HSBC Bank plc.
Many corporates doing business in the UK or Europe are considering potential treasury function impacts. What role can treasury functions play in contingency planning for various Brexit scenarios? Impact on financial services and physical goods may be very different. Treasurers need to be aware of required changes to banking relationships but also of the impact to products and commercial partners. Consider structural changes such as treasury location, supply chain or product distribution? Given risks in the key UK and US export markets, are there opportunities to diversify overseas trade beyond traditional partners leveraging on international Trade Agreements?

09:45 – Debt Capital Markets


11:00 – Conference Chair
George Lee.

11:05 – Cyber Risk – A Doosan Bobcat case study
Keith Lynch, Director – EMEA Treasury, Doosan Bobcat.
Colm Fagan, Director of IT Security, Doosan Bobcat.
The challenges, strategies, implementations and the ongoing outcomes of one international corporate whose Irish based treasury operations navigate global cyber risk challenges daily.

11:40 – Hedging and accounting for treasurers – One corporate's story
Anne Fitzgerald, Financial & Operations Controller, Securitas Group Treasury Centre.
Hear how one corporate is using hedge accounting to manage certain interest rate and currency exposures & the impact of IFRS 9 on these hedges.

11:55 – Fintech Innovation – A whistlestop tour
David Heath, Co-founder, Circit.
Tony Prylowski, CEO & Co-Founder, DocumentationHQ.
Presented in Japanese Pechakucha format (each presenter has 20 slides, each slide dissolves after 20 seconds – 6 minutes 40 seconds each presenter), this rapid fire session will feature 4 concise, innovation-focused presentations on how technologies and innovations in FinTech, and elsewhere, are reshaping the treasury landscape.

George Lee, Current Affairs Broadcaster, RTÉ.

12:30-14.00 – LUNCH & LUNCH ACTIVITY

14:00 – Conference Chair
George Lee, Current Affairs Broadcaster, RTÉ.

14:05 – Global Economics Landscape – Perspectives from both sides of the Atlantic
Stefan Kuhnert, Deputy Head of Unit, Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, European Commission
Erik De Vrijer, Assistant Director/European Department, International Monetary Fund (Washington)
Stefan Kuhnert's “scene setting” talk will focus on the outlook for the euro area, with a spotlight on Ireland and Eurozone challenges and reforms. Against the backdrop of the global economic landscape, Erik will focus on the IMF's view of the current Irish economy and the challenges ahead. Presentations followed by interviews and discussion panel conducted by conference chair.

14:50 – Cash Management – The payments and cash management landscape
Barclays Bank PLC.

15:20 – Breakout a Corporate Spotlight: Doing business in Russia (The Netflix case!)
Mark Bonham, Head of Risk & Compliance, Optal Financial Europe.
A case study regarding a Russian business opportunity and investment. KYC challenges. Exposures to Sanctions, AML, UBO (ultimate beneficial owner) risks, Russian politics, North Sea oil, regulatory issues and murder! Highlight on risk and appropriate due diligence for business and investment opportunities.

15:20 – Breakout a Corporate Spotlight: Doing business in Brazil


16:30 – Regulation & Compliance – The treasurers' conundrum
KYC, AML and GDPR – part of the ever-increasing regulatory burdens creating further mundane and time-consuming repetition for treasurers getting access to financial services. The pain felt by the corporate and the need for a holistic approach e.g acquisition and bank rationalisation exercise. How documentation standardisation can alleviate the complexities around global structures and varying jurisdictional legislation?

17:00 – The Last Word
John Teeling, Serial Entrepreneur.

Anne Fitzgerald, President, Irish Association of Corporate Treasurers.

17:30 – 19:00 – Networking Drinks Reception

Wednesday 14th November 2018
8.00am - 5.30pm
€435 - €795
Croke Park, Jones' Rd, Drumcondra, Dublin 3, Ireland

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