Beckett Brunch 2021

Online, Saturday 24th April

The first Beckett Brunch in Dublin, “Cross-Border Beckett / Beckett par-delà les frontières.”

About this Event

We are delighted to invite you to the first Beckett Brunch hosted online from Dublin, on the theme of “Cross-Border Beckett.” This Franco-Irish event is tailored for all literature lovers and Beckett enthusiasts, as well as Beckettian scholars and practitioners. Born in Dublin in 1906, the young Beckett was educated between 1920 and 1923 in Enniskillen (County Fermanagh). In his early adult life, he lived in London and travelled regularly to Germany, before settling down in Paris in 1937. If crossing geographic borders was a regular experience from the start of his life, then it is not surprising that borders recur in Beckett’s oeuvre. In the current political context, reading, playing, staging, or adapting Beckett’s texts can provide an opportunity to think our world anew. We hope that this gathering around a key European artist will offer a convivial time to discuss physical and metaphorical borders in Beckett’s work, as well as in our contemporary society. We will hear from Beckett experts, teachers, students and artists, and we are eager to also hear from you.

Saturday 24th April



Over the past four years MusicTown has celebrated all genres of live music in Dublin City, both in established venues and unorthodox locations. Our programme has celebrated diversity, community, history, youth, and the collaboration that exists not just amongst musicians themselves but also with practitioners of other artistic disciplines. In 2020, under the circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, MusicTown, like many arts festivals, had to adapt its programme to an online-only format, broadcasting original work and live performances on a variety of internet platforms over a 10-day period in S

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One Dublin One Book


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Two of Ireland’s most innovative, expert and powerful storytellers talking about their craft! Bewley's Café Theatre, as part of its new writing venture PERCOLATE, are proud to present two Public Interviews with leading theatre artists about the creation of their work, their processes and experiences. On April 21, Mark O'Halloran will be in conversation with Eugene O'Brien and on April 22, Louise Lowe will be in conversation with Veronica Coburn. Both events start live at 7pm and are free to the public. Audiences will need to register to receive a link for each event. In November

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