Bang Bang

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Bewley's Café Theatre, Wednesday 6th December - Saturday 23rd December

A jaunt through Dublin’s streets with one of the city’s best-loved characters!

It’s 1980 and Christmas decorations have appeared in the Home for the Blind where Dublin’s most famous gunslinger, the legendary street character Bang Bang, has finally hung up his holster. But in his heart Bang Bang knows that will be his last Christmas and soon he must face the final shootout he has spent decades preparing for while roaming the streets of Dublin, which became Dodge City in his mind as he jumped down from open-backed buses to fight imaginary gun battles with bushwhackers, using his trusty, rusty key.

This hilarious yet poignant new play takes us inside the mind of one of Dublin's best loved real-life eccentrics of yesteryear: an irrepressible dreamer who magically transformed Dublin into the Wild West for generations of young Dubliners who encountered him every day​.

By Dermot Bolger. Directed by Mark O’Brien. Performed by Pat McGrath.

Wednesday 6th December - Saturday 23rd December
1pm (No show on Sundays)
Mondays €8, Tues – Thurs €10, Fri – Sat €12.
Bewleys Cafe Theatre, Ireland

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