Language Dublin: Istituto Italiano

Renata Sperandio is the director of the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Dublino, the Dublin branch of the Italian cultural institute. Renata, from Belluno in the Veneto region of Italy, has been in Dublin for three years. She has another three to go before her next posting. And, God bless her, she’s learning Irish – with the help of Duolingo, the well-known Irish language learning app. ‘Duolingo’s on my phone too’, says Dublin.ie. ‘It’s terrific.’ ‘Is it?’, asks Renata. ‘Well, yes it is’, I explain. Duolingo does an excellent job indeed. But it’s got its work cut out for it – because, make no mistake

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DIT and ITT students take part in Pilot Programme supported by Intel Ireland

Fifteen Engineering students selected from DIT and IT Tallaght (ITT) took part in a hands-on pilot programme supported by Intel Ireland to develop the skills necessary to work on the manufacturing of high-spec microprocessors for computers. The two-week programme, which was developed under the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Intel and DIT in 2017, is designed as the pilot for a Continuous Professional Development course titled, "Manufacturing Operations in Cleanroom Environments". Cleanroom environments are designed to maintain extremely low levels of particulates, such as dust, airborne organisms, or vaporised particles - essential conditions in the manufacturing of microprocessors. During the accredited programme, the students attended the Fast Track to IT (FIT) Centre in Celbridge, where they experienced hands-on learning on the customised electrical and pneumatics training panels, as well as exercises with mechanical gears and linkages.


Science in the City

A couple of weeks ago, astronomers at the Alma telescope in Chile discovered a supermassive black hole near the centre of the Milky Way. It is said to be one hundred thousand times more massive than the sun and roughly 1.4 trillion kilometres in length. When we read a science story, it is almost always sensational news. However, a lot of science stories go under the radar of the ordinary non-scientist, primarily because we simply don’t understand it; it’s too complex unless it’s a news story on a topical subject that we can relate to, like space or cancer research. A number of outreach programmes set up by the

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Irish Spanish Latin American Festival

Instituto Cervantes

On its seventh year, ISLA (Irish Spanish Latin American) Festival shows the infinite diversity of the Spanish-speaking world with a promising theme: 'Love and Live. Love and Laugh'. Don't miss its panel discussions, performances and talks, all of them for free! Twelve creators and professionals from across a range of Hispanic countries and Ireland will take part in a dialogue between English and Spanish language. Author of Notes to Self Emilie Pine, Author of Grace After Henry Eithne Shortall, poet-improviser Alexis Díaz-Pimienta or Luz Sánchez-Mellado will be some of the participants of

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‘This might be one of the biggest contributions in my field, or a waste of time’

UCD's Dr Anthony Ventresque is working to use AI and software solutions for those previously left out of the technology conversation. While originally studying philosophy, Dr Anthony Ventresque's master's thesis on Turing's Theory of Computation unlocked the world of computer science to him. He went on to complete a computer science undergraduate, master's and PhD at the University of Nantes. Following his PhD, he took up a position at Singapore's Nanyang Technology University, before deciding to move to Dublin in 2012. After becoming a lecturer at University College Dublin (UCD) in 2015, he is now director of the UCD Complex Systems Lab at the School of Computer Science. What inspired you to become a researcher? I was lucky to grow up in a household of curious and creative people, and could have gone in many different directions including history, engineering, philosophy. I was lucky that there were lots of opportunities for me to develop my love of these things – tinkering in my dad's workshop fixing cars and motorbikes, building an automatic gate at eight years of age, fixing tractors with my granddad and building fences on his farm. My mum was also a huge influence, feeding my knowledge by bringing me to museums and castles in the Loire, sometimes even to archaeological digs. I also had amazing teachers, many of whom I still keep in touch with.


The Ark: Engaging kids’ creativity

For 23 years The Ark in Temple Bar has provided the children of Dublin, and of Ireland, with the opportunity to experience and participate in art and culture. We visited The Ark to learn about what’s on offer for children and families today. The Ark is a dedicated cultural centre for children. It was the first of its kind in Europe, quite a forward-thinking facility for this little island. It was founded after the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of The Child, which safeguards children’s right to access culture and art. The Ark “believes in every child’s right to discover and love art in a society where creativity and culture are valued a

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Exploring the Collection of the Hugh Lane Gallery

The Hugh Lane Gallery

Exploring the Collection of Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane 2018 Lectures series in association with UCD Lifelong Learning. Thursdays: Oct 11th, 18th, 25th & Nov: 1st 2018 | 2pm - 4pm Course coordinated by Jessica O'Donnell Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane has the foremost collection of modern and contemporary art in Ireland and is believed to be among the first galleries of modern art in the world. The Gallery is also significant for its association with the Nobel laureate W.B. Yeats. The Gallery's prodigious collection which includes works by Renoir, Monet, John Lavery, Wal

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DIT | Taking Back the Web


Leading figures in media and academia will gather in Dublin for Taking Back the Web, a major conference focusing on how critical media literacy can address the widespread loss of trust in the media. Hosted by the Centre for Critical Media Literacy (CCML) of Dublin Institute of Technology, the event will feature a keynote address by veteran journalist and broadcaster Vincent Browne with a responding panel including artist and activist Grace Dyas, author Dr Gavan Titley of Maynooth University and Nikki Murphy, DIT journalism student and 2018 Press Council of Ireland Bursary Award win

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TEDx Dún Laoghaire

dlr LexIcon

Clarity is all and context IS everything. The theme is PERCEPTIONS.PERSPECTIVES. The underlying question being, Is Perception Everything? The challenge for aspiring speakers is to present their idea in a way which will encourage the audience to see their chosen topic from a different perspective - and perhaps adopt a different way of thinking! Speakers will be announced shortly. *** TEDx DúnLaoghaire is being organised and run by local Volunteers. It will be held on the 26th October 2018, in The Studio at dlr LexIcon, Dun Laoghaire.***

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  • DublinCityUni DCU

    “It will have a profound impact on tens of thousands of people” Pres of DCU Brian MacCraith talking about providing training to parents, teachers, and students on tackling bullying and cyber bullying across Ireland. #FBantibullyingABC https://t.co/tTPUpeY7Ar

  • NCAD_Dublin NCAD

    How do you start your portfolio? Would you like to find out more? Book your free place on NCAD’s Portfolio Information Sessions on the 3rd, 6th or 7th of November. These events are free, but must be booked: https://t.co/src5l60ZyD https://t.co/E5xWUwZHSa


    Life on campus: What Ireland's specialist third-level institutions have to offer https://t.co/2ya6DKzv1y @IrishTimes Experience life at RCSI on our Open Day https://t.co/OtP9O692BP #edchatie https://t.co/b0NhoKrp7v

  • TheUSI Union Of Students In Ireland

    USI President @AnTaobhRua was on @IrelandAMVMT this morning speaking about college open days and giving tips on picking the right college for you - check them out on our website here 👉 https://t.co/vchnDDZx1j https://t.co/MtbsHw5Qpq

  • ICDublin Cervantes Dublín

    One day left! Next 18th and 19th October, join us at #ISLAFestival2018 and enjoy our programme about the two driving forces of the world: Love and Humour. Twelve Irish and Hispanic creators will take part in this journey. And it's all for free! ➡️ https://t.co/vKW7llAs0l https://t.co/QkfrqCwPqJ

  • ditofficial DIT

    DIT Graduation season began last week when students of the @DITCreativeArts Visual Arts programme received their parchments at a conferring ceremony on Sherkin Island. https://t.co/1oLWYVJgzF https://t.co/M7m5eEiiV7

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NCAD: Bringing Art to the City’s Heart

Art College is a waste of time, right? Not so: The National College of Art & Design is really punching above its weight and is intent on disproving the lazy stereotypes about art students. Its annual showcase has become an art and design highlight in the city, featuring painting, product design, sculpture, fashion and more. Meanwhile, its fashion students have been awarded top prizes both here and abroad and the college is climbing the QS world college rankings. Luncheonette, their basement café, happens to be one of the best lunch spots in the city, and it’s open to the general public. And the students bring

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A Literary Tour of Dublin

Joyce, O’Casey, Beckett – you can’t even cross the Liffey without acknowledging Dublin’s literary heritage in the names of its bridges. The ubiquitous blue plaques marking writers’ birthplaces and residences are in such abundance, we can lose sight of how spoiled we are for old haunts of the literary greats: Wittgenstein on Parkgate Street, Bernard Shaw on Synge Street, Bram Stoker on Marino Crescent – even the Irish Writers’ Centre on Parnell Square. So yes, for a thorough literary tour, there is the option to get out the map and go wandering. Make a Yeatsian pilgrimage to Sandymount Avenue to

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Language Dublin: Instituto Cervantes

Today we’re meeting Victor Andresco and Laura Martín, director and cultural officer respectively at the Dublin branch of the Instituto Cervantes, the international Spanish language and cultural organisation. Dublin is a place that is somehow familiar to the Spanish, Victor reckons. It’s not exotic or strange, he says – and he means that in a good way. Spanish people often send their children here to learn English, he points out. His Dublin taxi driver might very well own a holiday home in Spain. And there are other links, too. “We Spaniards feel very close to you”, he says, “s

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Trinity College Dublin

Trinity students and alumni share their Trinity experience stories, which helped shape their lives