The LGBTQ student experience in Dublin

Dublin is a friendly and welcoming place for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBTQ) students. Third-levels all have LGBTQ societies, while the city’s bars, restaurants and clubs are welcoming spaces. Dublin.ie spoke to three LGBTQ students about their experience of the city. Growing up gay or bisexual can be tough. Being a young transgender person can be even harder. But in recent years, Ireland has come on in leaps and bounds. Organisations like youth support group BeLonGTo and the Transgender Equality Network Ireland (Teni) have opened up spaces for peop

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ESB to support DIT literacy support programme CLiC News

DIT is delighted to announce the support of the ESB Energy for Generations Fund to further develop the successful DIT literacy support programme, CLiC News. With the support of the ESB Energy for Generations Fund, the CLiC News team will be in a position to expand to more schools and pupils across Ireland to support the development of literacy and communication skills at primary level. The plans include designing an app to improve the process by which DIT journalism students can moderate children’s comments. The app will also allow for greater numbers of children to access CLiC News.


Irish Youth Music Awards National Day

Aviva Stadium

Youth Work Ireland Proudly Presents Irish Youth Music Awards 2017 – National Day The Irish Youth Music Awards National Day is Irelands only all-Ireland Youth Music Festival with acts performing from all across Ireland. We will have workshops, information stands, advice and other activities open to anyone attending on the day.This event is all ages and is an alcohol free event. The Irish Youth Music Awards is an all island community based youth music educational programme.

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Fenu Health: From School Room to Startup

Secondary school is a time to hang out with your friends, do some study and grow as a person. But two teenage sisters at Loreto College on Stephen’s Green in Dublin have also found the time to found and develop Fenu Health, a thriving, multi-award winning equine health business with a worldwide customer base. Annie and Kate Madden, aged 15 and 16, are the eldest of four children. Annie is in third year and Kate is in fifth year. They live in Summerhill, Co Meath, with their parents and younger brother and sister. “We grew up with horses for sport, not business, and we’ve been riding since we could walk,” they say.

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Reasons to study Veterinary Medicine in UCD

Final year veterinary medicine Student Ambassador Ciara Sweeney takes a look at some of the main reasons students from all over the world decide to study veterinary medicine in UCD. According to the CAO, 560 applicants placed veterinary medicine as their first preference in 2016 for approximately 82 places in UCD. So what exactly has studying Vet Med in UCD got to offer? UCD was founded 160 years ago. It ranks in the top 1% of institutions world-wide and is home to over 30,000 students from over 120 countries. The campus is based on a 130 acre parkland estate within Dublin. Being part of UCD means having access to the vast amount of facilities and services the campus offers. We have a modern student and sports centre where you will finda 3D cinema, drama theatre, debating chamber, TV studio, radio pod, medical centre, pharmacy, a barbers and the club house bar.


Student Life in Dublin

Dublin provides a friendly, warm and vibrant environment which not only allows you to accelerate your learning, but have fun doing so. With over 35,000 students within the region, Dublin has become a bustling energetic place that allows students to build new relationships, develop new social skills, and enjoy student life to the full. Don’t just take our word for it though. You can read students blogs below and we’ve also answered common questions.

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What's On

Diversity Champions Conference

Aviva Stadium

This one day conference will bring global and national thought leaders to Ireland to connect with up to 300 professionals and employees from a cross section of industries in the private and public sector. Join global and national thought leaders from companies including Facebook, EY, the Irish Defence Forces, GLEN and many more. Why Attend? From tech companies to uniformed services, from professional services to public sector employers, this conference is an opportunity to connect, learn and reflect on how to ensure your organisation is fully inclusive of LGBT employees, your clients

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Falling Out Of Standing

Festival House

Falling Out Of Standing is the visual art legacy set in film and the next stage to ANU & CoisCéim’s award-winning production These Rooms by artists David Bolger, Owen Boss and Louise Lowe. In 2016, These Rooms cross pollinated dance, theatre and visual art to thrust audiences into the events of one hundred years and explored the 1916 rebellion through the eyes of civilians at the moment when the uninvited rising invaded their homes in North King Street with devastating consequences in a work that investigated questions of dignity, belonging and dispossession. Set in 1966, the 50th

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Social Media Summit 2017

Croke Park

Social Media Summit Ireland will take place on 11th - 12th April 2017 in Dublin, Ireland. The Summit will bring together leading Social Media Professionals both nationally and internationally to highlight the importance of incorporating social media into your marketing strategy and demonstrate how it can add real value to your business in terms of both revenue and business growth. A day of social media tips and talks from the experts! Hear real stories of how it works, magic that can happen between brands and businesses on Social media. Last year’s event generated almost 8.3 million sh

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  • tcddublin TrinityCollegeDublin

    Interested in botany, art or the progress of women in science? Then visit the Ellen Hutchins exhibition tomorrow: https://t.co/wKvrJN9XoX https://t.co/rrufRA5r34

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    Book now for 3D Printing workshop @dlrLexIcon this Monday(3rd April) https://t.co/YqEQnwARbe @leo_dlr @DLRTourism @SFIdiscover @LAICDGroup https://t.co/M7zoY4T49z

  • IrishMarketers Marketing Institute

    Join us in @ditofficial for a briefing on professional brand development and network building with @LinkedIn https://t.co/Npx8cXfGxv https://t.co/KpFeoPbE3C

  • IFI_Dub Irish Film Institute

    COMPETITION- Win a copy of Joe Joyce's Echoland. The author will also be speaking at the IFI on Saturday https://t.co/Lypj0xVMlK #1city1book https://t.co/zl1hKZIhE9

  • MaynoothUniGAA Maynooth Uni GAA

    Three days to go! Apply for a @gomaynooth GAA Scholarship before April 1st! #MUGAA #HomeFromHome https://t.co/5crxHkJiVJ https://t.co/GWp0lbWUNz

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    Fear of failure is in us all. I've learnt that failure is a learning experience & you'll be a better person @AnnaGCork #TCDHealth&SportsWeek https://t.co/4TWo3jT7Wk

Our Articles

The Third Level: The Lir Academy

Grand Canal Dock is home to more than just the tech companies it’s famous for. That dark grey contemporary building with unusual green bubbles on the front is The Lir – Ireland’s National Academy of Dramatic Art. Its courses are developed in association with London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and its reputation is enviable. Acting is not for the faint hearted though; it takes a certain type of determination and passion. ‘It’s…satisfying to me, going through a script and having to do it night and night again. Every moment is live and there is no second take’, explains final year acting student, Damian G

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World-class teacher: Luke O’Neill

As Professor Luke O’Neill discovered recently, when you become a fellow of the extremely exclusive and august science club that is the Royal Society, you have to sign their book. Previous signatories include Newton, Boyle, Freud and Einstein (Oh, and superstar astrophysicist Brian Cox). Which makes the process rather nerve-wracking, according to O’Neill, a biochemist at Dublin’s Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute and one of the world’s leading immunologists. Luke O’Neill: There’s a practice, you don’t want to smudge your name! Dublin.ie: That’s quite some company you’re keeping there - but what do all you science guys have in common? Luke O’Neill: Science is trying to find stuff out. You can call it exploration, you can call it pioneering, frontier stuff because it’s all about making discoveries. We are explorers, that’s our job, that’s what attracted me to it. I wanted to see something nobody’s seen before. And in my case, luckily enough in my lab we probably had three big discoveries that made a big difference: we explored the immune system and saw things there for the first time. The next step is there’s a whole new pathway or process discovered - and of course the thrill would be if that was a dysfunction or a disease because then you might try and correct it. Once you find the enemy, you might be able to design a new medicine that might beat it. Dublin.ie: So you’re a biochemist and not an ordinary one? Luke O’Neill: I’m a bit of a schizophrenic! I was interested in chemistry anyway and biochemistry is chemistry writ large: if you want to understand something you’ve got to understand the chemical basis for things - and biochemistry is the basis for life. If we understand the chemicals of life wouldn’t that be a thrilling thing? One comparison is with genetics: geneticists don’t really go beyond the genes, you know – and I want to know the real fundamentals. Like genes makes proteins, but what do they do? I was always obsessed with true mechanism – the underlying mechanism, the very basics of how things work. I’ve always been obsessed with molecular things in a sense.

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The Third Level: From Vermont to Dublin

Ireland has the second highest percentage of people with a third level degree in Europe. Whether it’s family tradition, student life or affordable fees in comparison to our counterparts, our third level system is highly popular. It’s also enticing a lot of international students to the country. Ben Campbell-Rosbrook is originally from Syracuse in upstate New York but has come to Ireland to do his master’s in Trinity College. ‘I’m spending like half or a third of the fees to do my masters here, compared to America’, notes Ben. ‘I think a lot of students in America get the sense that the system is stacked against them.

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