Woman in Bed Literary Cabaret

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Online, Sunday 20th June

A Bloomsday Special Literary Cabaret inspired by Molly Bloom

About this event
Inspired by Molly Bloom, with music, comedy and scenes written for a Woman in a Bed. ‘The Ending' by film and TV writer Cathleen Young, presents actors Sean Young and Michael Mullen pillow talking. ‘Undercovered' by Peter Reid, with Carla Burke playing a young, modern day Molly Bloom under the covers, philosophising with her phone. Lesley Conroy presents a scene with two characters who meet at Buswells Hotel every week during lunch break, with a complicated past… Cabaret Artist Rose Lawless is the real Molly Bloom, in her own bed with musical accompaniment by Gerry Anderson. Actors Stephen Kelly and David Ryan present the coin toss scene from Cormac McCarthy’s “No Country for Old Men” with a Ulyssean twist. Actors Paul Nugent and Rachel Walshe, in a scene from the movie ‘Don't Bother to Knock', revisit the ‘Marilyn Monroe reading Ulysses' connection. Singer songwriter Pearse McGloughlin “with a softly sweeping cinematic bent” (Irish Times). References to James Joyce’s influence on Bob Dylan and his “Woman on a Bed” drawing. MC Leonor Bethencourt. Poster image by Nolan Art.

Sunday 20th June
€10 - €50

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