Smart Dublin is an initiative of the four Dublin Local Authorities to engage with smart technology providers, researchers and citizens to solve city challenges and improve city life.

We have all the right ingredients to become one of Europe’s leading Smart Cities: multinationals, SMEs, research institutions, city and state agencies and citizen/community groups, who are committed and excited to support Smart Dublin’s vision.

Our main objectives are:

• To stimulate the economic competitiveness of the Dublin Region through collaboration between private, public and academic partners.

• To drive public sector efficiencies and improve services by using the Smart Dublin platform to call out for innovative solutions to identified city region challenges.

• To promote transparency and open government through the publication of local government data on the Dublinked open data portal in open, free and reusable formats.

The project is defined by its bottom up approach. The team engaged with over 100 operational staff in Dublin City Council, South Dublin, Fingal and Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Councils to define Smart Dublin’s challenges and they also aim to include start-ups and SMEs in the procurement of smart solutions. Any company or citizen can also participate by pitching a well defined idea via the web site.

There are already many Smart solutions being tested or implemented in Dublin, like the regional Traffic Management Centre, Fix Your Street and the Internet of Things technology being tested in Croke Park.

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Smart Dublin

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The aim of Dublinked is to drive innovation and collaboration in the development of new urban solutions, using open data and with the Dublin region as a test bed.

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Dublin Flooding Prototype

Dublin City Council and Intel working together to find ways to predict and prevent flooding using environmental sensors.