Remembering the Child

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Remembering the Child

Christ Church Cathedral, Wednesday 28th December 2016

Aspiro choirs will perform a truly unique commemoration concert ‘Remembering The Child’ at 7pm on 28 December 2016 in Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin. Aspiro commissioned Liam Lawton to write Requiem For A Child to honour the children of 1916, and to remember the suffering of children and young people who are caught up as victims of war and violence in our world today. The hugely successful Irish and World Premier of Liam Lawton’s ‘Requiem For A Child’, held in Carlow in November 2016, has occasioned Christ Church Cathedral to present the full production of ‘Remembering the Child’ to audiences in Dublin. Four Aspiro ensembles, comprising over 100 choral singers and musicians ranging in age from 7 to 80+, years will perform Liam’s ‘Requiem For A Child’ as well as music from various composers around the world, including two Irish composers – Shaun Davey and Sue Furlong.

Excerpts from Joe Duffy’s Children of the Rising will be narrated throughout the evening. Aspiro was inspired to create this performance event because of Joe Duffy’s stories about the young lives lost in the Easter Rising. He humanised the most vulnerable casualties of the Easter Rising through his research and written work; and Aspiro is commemorating those young lives in their performance in Christ Church on 28th December.

Remembering, reflecting and reimaging are the themes in this magnificent performance with Liam’s new work being the centrepiece in the ‘reflecting’ section. Through the power of the original commission, and through venerable and established music, Aspiro will impassion everyone to remember the 40 children aged 16 and under who were killed in the 1916 Rising. Aspiro will also encourage reflection on the suffering and pain that children in the world today are going through in war torn areas. In the final section Aspiro will inspire a ‘reimagining’ for a more positive future for Ireland and the world through their uplifting and elevating music. Performers and audience will learn about this pivotal moment of Irish history through the power of music, harmony and rhythm.

Wednesday 28th December 2016
Christ Church Cathedral, Christchurch Place, Dublin, Ireland

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