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Mini Muckers

Punchestown Racecourse, Saturday 1st April 2017

Bring your kids to participate in a 2.5km obstacle mud run which changes with every event! A fun day out for the whole family; children over the age of seven can compete on their own or in teams, with all details including appropriate clothing, training and safety information, available on the Mini Muckers website.

Kidz Fitness Ltd. is an Irish run company that has been set up for a number of reasons. For the last few years, adventure sports in Ireland grow in popularity at an enormous rate, with the number of adults participating increasing year on year. What Kidz Fitness  noticed was that there was no-one catering for children to the same extent.

They strongly believe that by introducing sport, fitness, individual/team challenges to a child at a young age, it not only produces a happier, healthier child, who has a positive outlet of energy, it also teaches them to be part of a team, creates friendships and teaches them how great it feels to physically challenge yourself .  In addition to this it also increases the chance of creating a fitter healthier adult in their future lives. Statistics at present are worrying; obesity in Ireland is at an all-time critical high, projections for the future is predicting that Ireland will be the most overweight country in Europe by 2030. The sad part about this situation is that it is completely avoidable.

In response to this, Kidz Fitness has been set up to encourage children to become more active and to show them that it can be fun.  They also encourage healthy living, as a result you will only find nutritious healthy food available at their events.

Saturday 1st April 2017
10am - 3pm
€15 - €20
Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, Ireland

Google Map of Punchestown Racecourse, Naas, Ireland