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Bewley’s Café Theatre , Monday 20th February - Thursday 2nd March 2017

Bewley’s Café Theatre @ Powerscourt Townhouse is proud to present an original new work made especially for our lunchtime audience by MALAPROP Theatre…

 All we're saying is: IF the universe has a moral arc, which way was it bending during the millions of years when cyanobacteria were the major players?

This is a show about the world we live in, and have always lived in, and always will live in.

It's about bad things happening that a lot of people think are good things (and vice versa).

It's also about wrestling, journalism, and treating entertainment like its politics (and vice versa).


This is

(Not the wrestler.)

(The city.)

(Trust us, there’s a reason.)

Directed by                                         CLAIRE O’REILLY

Performed by                                    MAEVE O’MAHONY

Devised with                                      BREFFNI HOLAHAN & DYLAN COBURN GRAY

Set and Costume Design by         MOLLY O’CATHAIN

Lighting Design by                           JOHN GUNNING

MALAPROP is a Dublin-based collective of emerging theatre-makers.


Tickets: Mondays €8, Tues-Thurs €10, Fri-Sat €12

Light Lunch: €4

Monday 20th February - Thursday 2nd March 2017
€8 - €12
Bewleys Cafe Theatre, Ireland

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