Falling Out Of Standing

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Falling Out Of Standing

Festival House, Tuesday 4th April - Sunday 23rd April 2017

Falling Out Of Standing is the visual art legacy set in film and the next stage to ANU & CoisCéim’s award-winning production These Rooms by artists David Bolger, Owen Boss and Louise Lowe.

In 2016, These Rooms cross pollinated dance, theatre and visual art to thrust audiences into the events of one hundred years and explored the 1916 rebellion through the eyes of civilians at the moment when the uninvited rising invaded their homes in North King Street with devastating consequences in a work that investigated questions of dignity, belonging and dispossession. Set in 1966, the 50th anniversary of the Rising, it also explored the female body as a post trauma political site. Their physical bodies betrayed them, confronting themselves though the point of view of the 1966 commemoration.

A fundamental aim of this project was to create a permanent legacy, a long term marker relevant to the present day that will live well beyond 2016.

The result is the film installation Falling Out Of Standing – a response by the three lead artists through a focused lens of the present day. Following the collaborative production process, each of the artists stood back and worked in isolation with different filmmakers and editors to realise their individual responses to the project itself and the interrogated source material.

To house the films, visual artist Owen Boss has created a stand alone structure that inverts traditional concepts of exterior and interior to extend the debate beyond the interaction of performance and site. The installation aims to contextualise how the past is propelled into the present and the impact of time on conflicted histories.

As with the live work, Falling Out Of Standing takes the North King Street massacre as a starting point and aims to contextualise the impact of time on conflicted histories. As we move further away through time this event fades from the national consciousness; its complexities at odds with the State’s foundation myth. It faced further erasure through the political neglect and official ineptitude of town planning of the 1960s and 70s, which resulted in the row of ten houses being left to decay over decades, turning to wasteland, and eventually being regenerated as an urban public green space. Historical narrative and physical site become almost invisible.

Falling Out Of Standing captures the residues of this traumatic event for a contemporary public in an intimate, immersive experience for audiences.


5 STARS “thrillingly immersive… intricately detailed and stimulating co-production – a haunting experience.. heightens the skills of both companies, bringing unresolved history back to life.”   The Irish Times

4 STARS “one of the stand out shows of this year's Dublin Theatre Festival…. superb..multilayered response to the 1916 Easter Rising…. fusion of dance and drama to exquisite and eloquent effect… Brilliantly evokes the way grief lingers in the body and that gets you to feel, rather than think, how commemoration can be complex.” – Sarah Hemmings, Financial Times

…..2016 also saw a rich array of celebrations, commemorations and interrogations of all things 1916. Top of this list, indeed top of any list for 2016, was ANU and CoisCéim Dance Theatre's extraordinary “These Rooms,” directed by Louise Lowe and David Bolger, which was simply a tour de force..” –The Arts Reviews

Tuesday 4th April - Sunday 23rd April 2017
12pm - 8pm
12 Essex Street East, Ireland

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