Coworking Europe 2017

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Coworking Europe 2017

Croke Park, Wednesday 8th November - Friday 10th November 2017

Coworking Europe is a yearly global event bringing together European and global coworking space managers, entrepreneurship activists, nomad and innovation experts, as well as representatives from the public and of the corporate sector.

The concept is simple : professionals from different working areas, independent workers, nomad workers and entrepreneurs find themselves in the same physical space to work on their own projects.

They don’t only seek to break with their isolation and to find an alternative solution to their home office or to the company office they are used to work from; But also to belong to a community of individuals who are open to exchange ideas, and eventually, who are ready to collaborate.

As of early 2015, more than 2.800 coworking spaces are in operation in Europe. In less than 5 years, the total of coworking spaces has overtook, for instance, the total of incubators and innovation centers operating in Europe.

Likewise, Coworking spaces are sprouting everywhere on the planet.

The number of coworking spaces worldwide is almost doubling every year, getting close to 8.500 globally.

Wednesday 8th November - Friday 10th November 2017
€250 - €580
Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland

Google Map of Croke Park, Dublin, Ireland