On the hunt for a Christmas gift with a difference?

Dublin has a wealth of markets and independent traders, making it the ideal shopping hub for alternative gifts this Christmas. There are a plethora of options so even if you’re buying for the most difficult people you’re sure to find something unique and thoughtful.

We spoke to three small, independent and sustainable Irish businesses that you will find in the city centre this Christmas.

Sheelin, owner of The Kind Co., has teamed up with eco-friendly kids’ store Jiminy.ie to create The Conscious Christmas Store on Fade Street. From reusable gift wraps and keep cups to books, eco-friendly toys and shampoo bars, there’s a gift on offer for everyone.

We Make Good is Ireland’s first dedicated social enterprise store. Each product comes with a card detailing where it has come from, who has made it and how you’re making a difference to someone’s life by shopping there, and choosing to gift ethical, handmade goods. You’ll also find them on Fade Street, just a couple of doors down from The Conscious Christmas Store.

The perfect gift for any techies in your life can be found on Wicklow Street, where Ambr Eyewear and Happy Out Café have joined forces to open a Christmas pop up. Grab a flat white and check out this amazing Irish start-up, who specialise in selling anti-blue light glasses.

These three retailers are just a small taste of the amazing alternative shopping opportunities out there to explore in Dublin. Choosing to shop local makes a difference – it’s Christmas gifting made simple.


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