“I want to give a picture of Dublin so complete that if the city suddenly disappeared from the earth it could be reconstructed out of my book.”

– James Joyce on Ulysses

What does this site do? A very good question.
Dublin.ie was designed to celebrate the very essence of Dublin; the people, places and things that make Dublin truly unique as a place to live, work and learn in. It’s all about building a vivid picture of a progressive, diverse and multicultural modern European city and region teeming with character, and characters. Made by the city, for the city.

Here, you’ll witness Dublin from the ground up, from mountains to sea, with a particular focus upon its most valuable asset – its citizens. In a place where everybody has a story to tell, we’re lucky enough to share some of those stories.

Content-wise, you’ll find the information you need as to how Dublin lives, works and learns.

We’re also offering a choice daily mix of curated material, harvested from a variety of different sources – think news, blogs, social media and video – and anchored by specially created material focusing on numerous different aspects of daily Dublin life.

Is this site comprehensive? That’s nigh-upon-impossible in a town that changes daily. It’s hard to keep up. But we’ll try, slowly but steadily, to build a picture of Dublin in all its glory, for your delectation.

But who exactly is it all for?
Ideally, this site can be equally enjoyed by visitors and residents alike, offering something of interest for both, from snapshots of everyday Dublin life to hidden treasures of the capital to event listings to essential information. If we capture but a fraction of the colour and humour and spirit and energy that drives this town, then we’ve succeeded. Feel free to let us know how we’re doing.

If you already live here, then you’ll find out things you never knew. Dublin is all about the recommendations, the anecdotes and the well-told tale, a lateral experience if ever there was. If you don’t live here, then you’ll gain a unique insight into how Dublin rolls. And then you’ll want to live here. We really wouldn’t blame you.

How did the site come about?
Dublin.ie has existed since the early 00’s and is run and owned by Dublin City Council. The new site was made possible by the support of EU funding and via collaboration with a number of partners through Activating Dublin, a joint project of Dublin City Council, Dublin Chamber and central government, who helped to pull in the voluntary contributions of the extended Dublin community. We’d particularly like to thank Dublin Chamber and Múirne Laffan of RTÉ whose support has been tremendous.

In addition to the funding to make this possible, the aforementioned EU support (via AT Brand) allowed us to connect with other cities and learn from their experiences.

As our work continues, we’d love to get the support of all people living in Dublin, passing through it, or just as excited about it as we are. As we grow, there will be opportunities for you to help, and to participate. In the meantime, thank you for visiting.